The Violet Fern

A Colorful Tale of a Garden in the Making

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Carrying On Into the New Year

WARNING: This post contains tropical scenes which may be damaging to your well being if you are in the Northern climates affected by the storm. Then again, these scenes may lift your spirits. You decide.

Two months have passed since my last blog post … and a lot has been happening …

Usually I set aside sometime to ponder a New Year — to reflect, project. Last year I rang in 2018 at a live Jimmy Buffett concert in Nashville — very far from my norm. This year I rang in 2019 downtown in Paradise South at 9pm. Yes, 9pm. You see “Paradise South” drops the ball at 9pm instead of midnight so everyone is sure to “make it.” It was a rather large celebration for a small town and the ball is homemade and dropped via fishing pole by the mayor from a second story balcony. It is not my norm to celebrate in any sort of crowd but the rest of it is keeping in line with my lifestyle from homemade to the fishing pole, all quite unconventional yet attainable. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I’m developing a new norm? A crowd, loud?




Settling In …

So, it’s here, finally. That elusive balance I’ve struggled to achieve for the past few years. I feel I have arrived. I’m there!


I find myself singing The Who …
don don don don don don …
I’m free
I’m freeeee
And freedom tastes of reality

​I had the guts to leave the temple! I cannot explain the sense of release in letting the big house and garden go. Something I felt so entwined and entangled in, and have untangled, dropped, and walked away from. The first weeks full time at the cabin in the woods were bliss! A simple 12×12 foot space without electric power, septic, tv/internet … and it was bliss! It was also a test run to see if my husband and I could spend at least four months living there next summer. We have come to the conclusion we CAN, and not only that, but look forward to it!

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I’ve Got My JOMO Working

The last time I wrote to “ya’ll” was at the end of February! (Practicing my Florida there.) The last coloring page I offered was in May (although I do have a new one in the works). The last time I painted? I’m not even sure because it’s been so long! All I can say is this is my new norm because I got my JOMO working. No, that is not a typo (Muddy). JOMO is not particularly a new coin of phrase but for those of you unfamiliar, JOMO is the Joy Of Missing Out. There’s the Fear Of Missing Out — FOMO — and then there’s JOMO. I hope to step back from all social hype (because I don’t suffer from FOMO), and retreat to the woods to find my JOMO.


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