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Butterfly Garden: Verbascum Nigrum


First, thank you fellow blotanists for such a wonderful welcome!

There was one lonely, dry “stalk” by our shop door when we moved here – hugging the wall … I let it be because I wanted to see what it was. The following spring it grew large leaves almost “foxglove-like” and then a new stalk appeared and began to form yellow buds. It turned out to be Verbascum Nigrum. AND when I started digging out this bed, there was a plant tag to prove it! This plant has really grown on me (hey, a pun) – apparently from England. It has seeded itself all over and I have successfully transplanted it although it gets pretty droopy for a week or so. How it originated here in this lot of a few Hostas and a Barberry shrub I will never know. I have never seen it in a nursery. I do know that the bees LOVE the flowers. It literally “buzzes” with blooms. It is now a major attraction in my Butterfly Garden. I would recommend this plant to any gardener with a natural style.


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

3 thoughts on “Butterfly Garden: Verbascum Nigrum

  1. Hey ViFern, Nice to see a new blog born. Way ta go. Blotanical is full of folks whose "eyes won't glaze over". To be honest I've been in the Hort. trades for a long time and then took a few years off. My interest was piqued again a year or so ago and Blotanical just fed the fire and added a new dimension. I 'll be very interested to see your garden plan continue to take shape. Keep on postin'Scott

  2. I love Verbascum. I first saw some when we were vacationing in Wales. I took a lot of pictures of it since we cannot grow it here in the desert. So beautiful!

  3. Lovely. What sort of butterflies does it attract?I found you through Blotanical too. hope we'll see you around there a lot!

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