The Violet Fern

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The Sun Nods Winter Goodbye


Each time I look into my garden out back I can’t help but think these sunflowers, piled high with snow, are nodding winter goodbye. The last of their leaves even wave goodbye.

Bye bye winter, bye bye.

Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

4 thoughts on “The Sun Nods Winter Goodbye

  1. Amen and goodbye! Your sunflower heads look HUGE!

  2. A unique perspective not seen much around here…although, they are calling for snow here tomorrow night!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I always leave my sunflowers up for the birds – there's not many seeds left. Some of these were Mammoth sunflowers. It is amazing how big they grow from seed in just one season.

  4. Hi TVH, these photos are amazing, I have never seen anything like them. The sunflowers are wearing little snow caps! And I also really like the Feb. pics, of river, garden and painting. It must feel very liberating when the snow melts and winter ends. cheers, cm

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