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Eye Popping Poppies


Last year my neighbor gave me some poppies. I stuck them in the ground where they withered up and disappeared. This spring, up they sprung! One morning, during days of rain, I happened upon their buds …

Dewey wands waving in the wind.

A sneak peak.

One morning, after days of rain, I walked out my back door to discover their beautiful, ruffled blooms. It made me feel like a ball of sun had come down from the sky to float and shine right there in my flower bed …

Bursting blooms.


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

14 thoughts on “Eye Popping Poppies

  1. Those are gorgeous! The reddish-orange color is striking.

  2. Mine are still just a polite suggestion of leaves …

  3. Ohhh I love them and now you make me feel better…my friend gave me some too and they promptly withered and are disappearing…but perhaps they will return next spring…love poppies and mine are finally coming up…sorry i have not been around lately but life has been hectic…missed your blog but glad I am back to read it now…

  4. Beautiful sequence. I like all poppies and this color is gorgeous.

  5. They are so pretty! I'm always amazed at something that goes dormant that early in the year is still alive in spring. I love the bright orange color.

  6. Gorgeous! They don't last long enough though.:(

  7. They are simply gorgeous. I do not have great luck with them but I keep trying. Stubborn that way.LOL! Your look so pretty with the blue flowers below and behind them.

  8. Fab – poppies are so pretty and delicate

  9. Wonderful shots of the watery poppies and then full blown Kathy! I love the way water clings to the hairy calyxes. Beautiful how the poppies grow out of the pond of blue forget-me-nots. Ours are just beginning to open too.

  10. Poppies are amazing, I just wish they lasted longer. I thought one of mine died, but I noticed leaves about 4" tall today coming up from the ground. The other one is in full bloom.

  11. Those are show stoppers, you can't beat that bright orange color.

  12. Poppies are magic — especially that bright cheerful color after a very rainy spring. On another subject, are you still interested in adding Tradescantia 'Osprey' to your garden? I've just had a self-sown seedling pop up in the middle of the front walkway, and I was thinking I'd pot it up to give away. If you want it, I could send it to you. -Jean

  13. Such a beautiful post and lovely photos. I think the buds are just as attractive as the flower, though certainly not as showy. I don't see these that often but they really are spectacular.

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