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What’s Blooming


Out front spires of Lamb’s Ear, Liatris, Verbascum, Sea Holly, Russian Sage, Milkweed and Pink BeeBalm are in full bloom. Walking through I am often “pinged” by bees – sorry to be in the way!


In the butterfly garden it is daisy time! Shasta, Midsummer’s Night Dream, Coneflowers, and red BeeBalm make for big landing pads.

Out in the potager the first sunflowers are beginning to bloom. The pollinator garden bordering the potager is just beginning to come to life with blooming Larkspur (newly planted this year from seed), Rose Mallow, Catmint, Milkweed, Queen Ann’s Lace and Joe Pye.


Just opposite in a new bed along the back of our garage/workshop, Yarrow replaces Columbine gone to seed. A container is filling out nicely. Hostas are beginning to bloom.

The woodland edge is dry. Ironically after such a wet spring, we now have very little rain. This Monkshood was rudely moved late spring and although blooming, is not at its best, but I still love the shape of its tiny hoods.

This primrose hybrid, Primula x bulleesiana, was an impulse purchase at Home Depot. It’s still blooming somewhat. I love the way the blooms stack like a mini topiary.

Persicaria Firetail is just lighting up. It is spreading nicely.

Flowering Raspberry, Rubus ordoratus, is doing just that! A nice surprise considering it was newly planted this spring. Yes, you can eat the berries if you beat the birds to it.

The nice driveway is putting on a show with Clematis, ‘Comtesse de Bouchard,’ and stunning Cones: Ratibida Red, Purple and Rudbeckia Maxima.

Garden bloggers’ bloom day is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens the 15th of each month. Add your blog to the list so we can see what’s blooming in your garden.


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

9 thoughts on “What’s Blooming

  1. Really like the shot of the Shastas; such a cheerful flower. HAppy GBBD!

  2. I love flowering raspberry, the blooms are so big and the foliage equally attractive. Hope you get lots of fruit.Heather

  3. You have such pretty flower pictures.

  4. aloha,a riot of colors, beautiful – thanks for sharing

  5. Love your blooms – that shot of the sunflower is fabulous!Happy GBBD 🙂

  6. Hello fellow New Yorker!Gorgeous photos! Love the ClematisSo glad I found your

  7. wow, what an impressive array of flowers, just the thing to cheer up a flower-holic like me. i also love the cheerful sun on the wall.

  8. Beautiful post…that first shot with the yellow verbascum and the pink bee balm is especially lovely!

  9. Stopping by a year after this post was published because I was looking for a photo of flowering raspberry. It is growing wild here at my new home. I live in southern Chenango County, just moved from Broome. When we first moved to Broome, it was a solid zone 4. Lately I've told folks I have zone 5 winters with a zone 4 growing season. Still, it's good to meet another cold climate gardener.

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