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What’s Growing: Mushrooms? Potager Plan for 2012


Well not much grows here in the North Country in February, or does it? The last of our Amish onions decided to grow, dirt or not.

For Christmas, I gave my husband a mushroom of the month kit.  I thought it would be fun to try growing our own mushrooms. We have been misting, misting, misting but so far no mushrooms though it does look like something is beginning to brew. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

One Rosemary is fairing just fine this Winter, the other not so much. And the herbs on the sill? The Parsley is growing through the curtain and I just noticed, is beginning to flower. The Cilantro is gone but we did cook with a good portion of it so I don’t consider it a failure. The Chives are just beginning to get going. Not the most beautiful or prolific winter window sill herb garden, but I’ll keep trying. The fresh herbs taste oh so good.

A little unnerving is that bulbs are growing in my garden, just ten minutes away from the Canadian border, in February. I am worried that these Daffodil and Crocus will be killed by a winter storm – the big winter storm all of us Northerners have been bracing ourselves for thinking, knowing, that Winter here just can’t be this kind. Secretly, I hope it is the earliest Spring ever because I just can’t wait. Apparently, neither can my bulbs.

What will be growing? I just finished ordering seeds and my Potager plan for 2012. New trials this year: artichokes, mini eggplant, scallions, stevia. I’m adding more flowers! Flowering vines to grow along side beans, cucumbers and peas, and some perennials to entice more beneficial insects and to leave as a winter retreat.

Next month, I hope to begin starting seeds indoors and also, sprouting seeds to eat!

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Author: Kathy Sturr

Artist, master gardener, plant-based chef. Florida's Nature Coast / Indian River Lakes, NY

10 thoughts on “What’s Growing: Mushrooms? Potager Plan for 2012

  1. love the sketchbookcant wait to see the garden

  2. Your sketch looks so much better than my arrows and crossing outs on my allotment plan. I do like the idea of growing mushrooms, I must investigate further

  3. I love the sketch. Mine will be pretty sterile with graph paper…and I like the idea of the mushrooms…your herbs look so nice…my chives and mints are in flower under the grow light.

  4. Thank you Suz! I am always sketching the garden. Good way to pass the Winter. Can't wait to get out there myself!

  5. There are so many mushroom kits out there and I would love to try them all. Love fresh mushrooms. So far, none of ours are sprouting? Shrooming? I've seen your lovely botanical work – just beautiful! You must save it all up to create such wonderful flower renderings.

  6. I have always loved to sketch out my little garden plans, not that I follow them exactly, though for the Potager I do as I rotate crops and try to companion plant. My herbs could be happier but I am impressed that they've made it this far into Winter. I have acquired some serious grow lights and can't wait to put them to use starting seeds.

  7. With a bit of lateral thinking and creativity, you can obviously keep growing all year round. If I saw that mushroom kit here I'd snap it up – fascinating. I wonder if you can help me Kathy, I used to have that app You Might Also Like… that randomly generates earlier posts but it has disappeared and i can't remember how I acquired it. Do you know how I can get it back? Cheers, catmint

  8. I feel the same way about spring and the inevitable winter storm. We've just been plain too lucky this year. The potager plan looks wonderful, can't wait to see your bounty again this fall.

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