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What’s Blooming: Paperwhites, Poinsettias & Pine-filled Boxes


Catching up to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day hosted by Carol at May Dreams Garden … I am enjoying the bright red bracts of this Poinsettia tucked into a flowerpot by St. Lawrence Pottery. These bracts or specialized leaves, are not flower petals as is commonly assumed. The bracts surround the actual Poinsettia flower, the small yellow cyathia, and serve to draw attention to them — plant advertising. They turn color due to changing periods of light and darkness, a response known as photoperiodism.

Paperwhites are just beginning to bloom indoors. An Evergreen Amaryllis is starting in a “Santa pot” with a handlebar mustache. Its blooms will be an unusual spring green. Nothing is blooming outside in the garden except for a few hardy, frozen Coral Honeysuckle blooms.



As a Northern gardener I spend quite a bit of time arranging outdoor window boxes and baskets with layers of greenery and seedheads. These are not only my Christmas decorations, but my “winter blooms” adding color to the garden’s muted winter palette. To view a slide show, simply click on the first image below. You will be taken to an enlarged viewing screen. Click the arrow to the right of each image to continue on to the next slide. (Please note the slideshow may not work properly on your mobile phone.)

What will be blooming next month? Possibly an orchid? Or the Evergreen Amaryllis?


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

2 thoughts on “What’s Blooming: Paperwhites, Poinsettias & Pine-filled Boxes

  1. Kathy how exciting your new blog on WordPress…you inspire me to get my blog updated but that may have to wait still…I love the look as you continue your lovely theme…I have to get busy planting my amaryllis and some lettuce seeds in the basement…wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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