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Wrapping Up 2012 with Final Picks for Diana


In 2012, I joined Diana of Elephant’s Eye in choosing twelve months of my favorite garden plants. Here are my last two choices for November and December.

November – Clematis. It is hard to imagine a garden without at least one flowering vine. I grow many, but if I had to choose, Clematis offers the broadest range of choices. You can plant a Clematis to climb up a trellis, along the ground or to entwine among a shrub or tree. I just ordered Clematis ‘Tango’ to ramble among my Dogwood shrub. And hopefully I will see our native Clematis Virginiana bloom this year. Pictured below are Clematis Roguchi, Clematis Claire de Lune (planted for my niece), and an unknown Clematis. I hope to add more of these beautiful flowering vines to my garden wherever I can tuck them in.
Clematis Roguchi Clematis Claire de Lune

Unknown Clematis – Nelly Moser?

Unknown Clematis – Nelly Moser?

December — Sedums. Sedums bring fantastic foliage to the garden. Their habits are tall or short, creeping or matting. Their leaves are round, succulent, needle-like and almost all are colorful. Their blooms are star-like clusters and attract many insects. I grow a tapestry of Sedums in my front garden which I’m hoping to mimic out back in a new bed. Blue Spruce, ‘Angelina,’ and Kamtschaticum Sedum are just a few that I grow. One of my favorites is Sedum Matrona which I grew in Maine but have yet to come across here. If I do I’ll be sure to add it to the Violet Fern garden. Maestro (pictured directly below) is a close second. Sedum Tricolor (in container) is a new addition this year.
Sedum Maestro Sedum TricolorSo here it is finally, my list of 12 months of plant picks! – the Dozen for Diana:

January: Sunflowers
February: Wild Roses
April: Poppies
May: Iris
June: Alliums
July: Bee Balm
August: Joe Pye Weed
September: Rudbeckias
October: Asters
November: Clematis
December: Sedums

Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

5 thoughts on “Wrapping Up 2012 with Final Picks for Diana

  1. I remember a glorious indigenous Clematis in our Camps Bay garden. so I planted another here, and the poor thing battles to make a few leaves. Third time lucky, I’ll plant a fresh one in the future False Bay garden.

  2. Two wonderful picks Kathy…love my clematis and I adore sedum Matrona…

  3. Kathy, When I saw the photo of your Sedum ‘Maestro,’ I thought, “Ah, Sedum matrona” (also a favorite of mine); it really is a very close cousin. Happy New Year.

  4. Kathy,
    Love the new blog, looks great and shows off your garden even better!
    Happy New Year

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