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What’s Growing: Very Chilly Garlic


Here is a window into my world this morning:

icy morning 4.12.13

Yes, that is ice, ice baby. Not only disheartening but freezing cold. The porch furniture is out, the “protect from freezing” bird houses and garden ornaments are out, as in outside – all too soon.

[Insert SFX: very, loud and audible sigh.] Will anything ever grow again?

Very chilly garlic shoots on ice.

garlic 4.12.13 in ice

On the sunny side: lettuce in the cold frame ready to harvest! I foresee a tasty salad dinner this weekend!

cold frame lettuce 4.12.13

Inside, where it’s warm because we are still running the [BEEP] heat, my seed farm is taking off. I’m going to dig around the shop for a little fan to help strengthen their stems because I’m sure not putting them outside to harden off anytime soon.

amaranth and flower seedlings 4.12.13

Amaranth, Globe Amaranth and other flower seedlings

tomato seeds 4.12.13

Heirloom tomato and pepper seedlings

I planted the runner beans way too early – I am now reminded of the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk. Note for next year: runner beans grow very, very fast. I wanted to have a good start on these to head off any cutworms and the big, fat rabbit who, lately, joins me for coffee each morning. I am off to a really good start.

vine and runner bean seedlings 4.12.13

Scarlet Runner Beans, Cardinal Climber and other annual vines

Note: I’m going to need at least one more light for next year, too.

For fun, I am trying to regrow my green onions – a pin I came across on Pinterest. You stick the roots in water and supposedly they will regrow. It seems to be working!

pinterest onion experiment

My potato starts are in a cool, dark closet. Although I don’t know why I need the closet – it is plenty cool, and plenty dark. Hopefully they will keep until I am able to plant.

In an earlier post, did I say Spring was in the lead over the fight with Winter? I better stick to gardening and give up sports announcing!


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

2 thoughts on “What’s Growing: Very Chilly Garlic

  1. We did not get the ice you did but a couple of inches of rain and mighty cold. Planting out peas and lettuces, spinach etc under row covers this weekend. Garlic is getting about 6-8 inches outside…seedlings growing inside….feels like early march still.

    • Well Donna I’m waiting for it to warm up today as the weather promised … I hope to be out in the garden. I planted peas. Spinach and lettuce next. I hope to get my brussel sprouts hardened off and in the garden soon, too. Yes, this year April feels like March. I hope May feels like June!

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