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September Observations: Summertime!


September is the new summer it seems. With nearly perfect temperatures, sunny skies and a deep “watering,” I am enjoying this summer at last. I have even spent some quality time in my garden! (Although the “to do” list is daunting.)

Potager SEPT 23 2013

September in the Potager – yikes! What to do first?!


I am not yet in Autumn gear. As quickly as time ticks off, I still do not feel the crazed rush of harvest and preparedness for the first frosts. I live in a summer tourist destination and Labor Day sounds the closing alarm – camps shut down for winter. Our town becomes ours again. Things slow down – perfect timing for summertime mode – lazy dog! That “to do” list isn’t taunting me, nope no siree. The new September Summer has me fooled, b-b-buuuuttt …

Back porch view Sept 2013

View of the garden from the back screened porch … yawn … Summertime mode.


… The Spicebush are yellowing, the Dogwoods are beginning to redden and the Creeper is aflame. The hummingbird feeders have become ghost towns,eerily vacant.The spiders are large, creepy and numerous. Fall bulbs are arriving in the mail. These aren’t signs of summer in spite of those blue, sunny skies.

As summer always seems to do, it has flown by … SWOOSH! … did you hear that? It’s summer gone by as we turn the page to October [ evil laugh ].


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

9 thoughts on “September Observations: Summertime!

  1. I know what you mean, it is so hot today that I had to WATER! I can hardly believe it is October 1st and I am watering my yard since things are drying up terribly. I have been busy starting all my fall crops for salads. I love our fall salads, but I have to water the beds or my lettuce will not be here for November salad eating:-) I also need to get bulbs planted ,but how can I in this weather! It is summer, and this is not Indian summer!….Your garden looks so lovely from your screen porch, and what a nice spot to sip a cup of herbal tea:-)

    • I love our porch Robbie – and yes, it is a wonderful spot to sip tea or wine. My husband just put in our first real window as we hope to have it insulated for all seasons. We may not have a view of the river but we have created our own view of the garden and hopefully, pond someday. I did plant bulbs even though it has been “summer.” I have more to plant, though. Last year I didn’t plant any and it bothered me as I always try to plant at least a few. I finally planted some early Snowdrops! Already looking forward to spring!

  2. Kathy I had some time in the “new summer” garden…but I have little time to get all done…maybe we will have a bit more time this fall in our gardens.

    • Me, too, Donna. Hoping for more time but what a wonderful “new summer” we’ve been having. Our boat is still in the river and I still have houseplants to bring in! The to do list is long (sigh).

  3. Your summer mode looks wonderful with your Potager exuberant and brimming over with good things! My summer mode is always a bit too close to death for my satisfaction with plants wilted and barely hanging on. Autumn revives us all. Fortunately, I have another month or two to get everything ready for winter,

    • This summer I felt like near death with very hot temperatures and high humidity which must be the norm for your zone? But the garden went wild! I really fell behind this year but am already planning and looking forward to next year. I love your gardens and cannot believe for even a moment that they would look “barely alive.”

      • Thank you for your kind comment, Kathy. The secret to my virtually beautiful garden is that I never show the dead stuff! And yes, high temperatures and high humidity is our summer norm. Routinely our temps are in the 90’s and sometimes higher. We are always grateful when autumn arrives!

  4. Your garden is beautiful and I’m more than a bit in love with your screened back porch (that’s on my house-hunting wish list). Also love your emphasis on creating a natural habitat for birds. I just found your blog via Robbie’s Palm Rae Urban Potager blog and am so very glad that I did.

    • Thank you, I am so glad you did, too! My garden is fairly young (five years). When we moved into this house, the backyard was blank and the back porch was a small deck. We have been working on the porch for a few years now. We hope to eventually make it a four season room with a small wood stove. My husband will install our second REAL window this weekend. I so look forward to sitting on the porch with a fire and counting birds for Project Feederwatch over the winters! I have many more varieties of birds now that there is garden – it is very rewarding to plant for birds and wildlife.

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