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What’s Blooming: Amaranth Rockets into Cosmos


Whoa! October? Wasn’t it just September?! Scary! Please join me once again on the 15th of this month for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

A beautiful, misty morning here in North Country. Mojo’s (the furry dood) sniffing at the “early worms.”

october morning

Most of my flowers have faded but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some color out there in the gardens! How about a duo? Please also join me for Foliage Follow Up hosted by the lovely Pam at Digging. Let’s take a closer look …

Panicum Dallas Blues blooms in the Bird & Butterfly garden. Perennial Sunflower Helianthus Microcephalus, looks pretty even without its yellow petals. The Forsythia, yes Forsythia, has beautiful color this Fall.




The Woodland Edge begins with the turning of native Virginia Creeper. I am in love with the yellowing Spicebush against the Blue Spruce. Amsonia also turning golden yellow and sporting some nice webs this morning.

virginia creeper



Rounding the bend, the Marigolds are still going in the Potager. A few Nasturtium and Calendula hang on. The “Amazing Amaranth” is like a rocket shooting into space and just soak in that color!



Only to be rivaled by the hot pink blooming Cosmos through the Tulip Tree which brings us around to Hosta Row. The Amur Maples in back of our garage/workshop never disappoint (invasive, however).



Through to the Nice Driveway where the fruits of flowering labor are evident on the Cranberry Viburnum and Blackberry Lily ‘Hellow Yellow.’ Goldenrod ‘Fireworks’ is in full bloom against Indian Grass.




In the Riverfront, late sedums are in various stages of bloom.


That completes our tour for this October Bloggers Bloom Day. Join our wonderful host Carol at May Dreams Gardens for a bouquet of blooms across the world!

Author: Kathy Sturr

Artist, master gardener, plant-based chef. Florida's Nature Coast / Indian River Lakes, NY

10 thoughts on “What’s Blooming: Amaranth Rockets into Cosmos

  1. It just feels peaceful…happy gbbd!

  2. so much color, so much beauty … thank you for this!

  3. You have some wonderful autumn colour – I love how the camera has captured the atmosphere in your garden. It beautiful!

  4. Your fall garden is so beautiful! I love that first photo, all misty and soft, especially. The bright leaves against the blue spruce also makes for a perfect autumn vignette. Thanks for joining in for Foliage Follow-Up.

  5. Wow! You have a lot going on in your garden. That spider web is amazing! I love the colors of autumn. I think forsythia is under appreciated for its fabulous fall color.

  6. Thank you Deb! I can’t believe how many spider webs there are out there. There are trails of webs over everything! (I always wonder where those spiders are during the day as they like to hide and I like to keep my eye on them – ha!)

  7. Kathy there was so much color in your garden and your potager is still gorgeous…did you get any of the snow from this last week…none here just cold rain. But leaves gone on trees and most flowers gone…a freeze coming this week.

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