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I have not had (correction, made) time to enjoy my garden lately. I think I am overwhelmed with the growth and wildness of it all this year, but then some small thing catches my eye and I fall in love with the garden all over again. This morning on my way to our workshop (to work), I saw this really cool bug on the exterior wall next to the door. It’s not an award winning photo as all I have is my phone but you get the idea.


Making time now to look it up, I am betting on the Black-horned tree cricket, a female. I am deducting that it was named for those long black antennae. And just look at those legs! I listened to its song online – wow! (Listen to the sound of the Black-horned Tree Cricket on this site dedicated to tree crickets.) My garden is incredibly full of song come evening – even now on cooler nights. Now I will know the sound of the Black-horned Tree Cricket as well as the tree cricket I came across last summer in this previous post. I would love to be able to distinguish all the sounds someday. Interestingly, this cricket likes to lay its eggs in strong, sturdy stems especially Goldenrod which I do have in the garden but not in this particular location. The Bird & Butterfly Garden aligns our workshop wall and there are plenty of strong, sturdy stems to be found here!

2013-10-21 15.47.05.jpg

Helianthus Microcephalus (Perennial Sunflower) stems

2013-10-21 15.46.43.jpg

Joe-pye Weed stems

I am always excited when I discover something new in the garden – especially new life. Hopefully I have stems full of the Black-horned Tree Cricket for next year. In fact, many insects winter over in the stems of plants – another good reason to leave your stems intact until spring.

Author: Kathy Sturr

Artist, master gardener, plant-based chef. Florida's Nature Coast / Indian River Lakes, NY

4 thoughts on “New Encounter

  1. I haven’t had time either but nature draws me in and I am lost in time…fabulous find Kathy.

    • I know what you mean by nature drawing you in! I really can’t wait to build a small pond to see what is attracted. Then I’ll be really lost in time, ha.

  2. You are so right, those little things just pull us back in and make it all worth our effort. I bet you liked to catch bugs when you were a little kid! I sure did and boy was it fun…some how being in the garden just brings that out in all of us…amazing cricket sound , I had no idea they had different sounds… I need to slow down and listen šŸ™‚

  3. I collected crayfish, tadpoles and minnows! Bugs not so much but now I find them the most fascinating of all. There is a book on my wishlist entitled The Songs of Insects that comes with a CD and distinguishes the songs of crickets as well as katydids and cicadas.

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