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Chock Full


I finally, finally got all my houseplants in for the winter. There is not a room in our house without a corner like this one – chock full of plants. (Chock full seems to be a reoccurring theme among my garden this year.) 

2013-11-05 14.54.25.jpg

High rent district in kitchen.

This is in part because I cannot bring myself to throw out a plant (hence, the really beat up looking Poinsettia from last year lives on). Nor can I say no to taking in plants that someone else might throw away or leave to die. I did mercifully, lose several during a frost. A few others suffered frostbite – I thought they would be safe on our back porch which is now partially closed up with two real windows and green board. Nope. One of my victims is a begonia I have had for several years. She is a monster begonia, or was. She is looking sad but I think she will make a come back next summer if I baby her all winter.

Even my shed is now full of plants from my water container as a few of them are perennials. I have drained off the water and I am going to wrap bubble wrap around/among them and store them in the shed for winter. Hopefully they will come back to life when I fill my water container once more in the spring. It is yet another gardening experiment.

I need to reevaluate my plant tenants’ lease. The rent’s going up! How great would it be to only have say five plants, that I really, really love who won’t suffer abuse because instead of a one-man farm to manage, I will only have a small collection to primp and ogle over? Also, the best of the tenants can be moved outside in the summer for containers and then be, promptly, moved back in for the winter – slash that annual bill. My succulent dish gardens qualify although some, too, suffered frostbite. (That is a glimpse of monster begonia left.)

Succulents in another corner.

Succulents in the fading light.

But then there are the orchids and my terrarium stage … Who am I kidding? I bet next year, once again, there won’t be a corner available that isn’t chock full of plants. (I am still pining for a Flowering Maple.)


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

5 thoughts on “Chock Full

  1. oh my goodness…I can so relate..but this year it is my bulbs! I am digging them up and I just have too many…..yikes! Then the plants I grow from seed will be starting in Jan-Feb and beyond…it never ends:-) I, too can’t throw a plant, seed or bulb away:-)

    • Oh my! I will be starting seeds, too. Why are you digging up all your bulbs? Moving them? Or are they tender? I won’t grow Dahlias for that reason – I’d have to dig them up. But maybe someday in, yet another, container…

      • They were tender, dahlias. I only have one type Bishop of Landraff(sp?) the red one with dark leaves. I really like it, and I agree about digging up all the bulbs. I also have a lot of elephant ears that I bring in for the winter, and some that are just too big that I have in the garden. I cut them down and store the bulbs in the basement. Your plants look better than mine in the house, I have cats and they like to eat some of my plants. I have to be careful with my cats and what they might nibble one, thank goodness my dogs don’t eat plants inside!

  2. Wow Kathy that is a lot of plants…I have a bunch of herbs in the basement under lights but nothing like this…a veritable jungle!

    • I know Donna, I know. It is a sickness. I hope they all do well and thrive (or come back for those I let get frostbit). Herbs all winter! Good for you! I remember you have a wonderful lighting system.

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