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December Observations: Who is the Birdbrain?


Birdbrain often refers to a stupid or scatter brained person, a brain resembling the flightiness of a bird perhaps. Today I am pondering that word because I think birds are quite intelligent and “flightiness” on this day would be a darn smart thing – as in get the heck out of here, which leads to my thoughts of the supreme intelligence of birds who migrate. On this day, the first day of Winter, we are having an ice storm that has people around here dreadfully reminiscing about the last great ice storm of 1998 – boy does Winter want us to know she’s arrived.


First day of Winter …

In the midst of this storm, I have to question my own intelligence as compared to a bird’s 1.) taking a trip South at the beginning of the Winter season and 2.) why did I ever return? and 3.) why do I continue to live in the Northern clime December through March?

Here is where the birds are:


Jim Green Island, Cedar Key, FL

Here is where I am:


Yes, the berries in ice are beautiful but …

Who is the birdbrain?!

Since we have returned to our Northern NY home we have been subjected to snow storms, below zero temperatures, and now this ice storm all within the span of a few days time. Birds migrate for food? I question that also. I think birds migrate because life is just generally easier in a warmer climate. There is no donning of the coat, gloves, hat, scarf, boots (now with essential Yaktrax). There is no ceremonious warming up, brushing, and scraping of the car. There is no shoveling of snow and ice. There is no salting of sidewalks and walkways (of course, the local hardware store is completely out – demand, demand). Yes, there is no hardship in the “gathering of food” (or booze, or rock salt for that matter). There is just simply sliding on the flip flops and starting up the electric golf cart in a warmer climate, or bird if you will, a simple bath (in unfrozen waters),primp, and lift off for a sun-filled day of “food gathering.”

Again, I ask who is the birdbrain?


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

8 thoughts on “December Observations: Who is the Birdbrain?

  1. I wondered how you were doing…I am contemplating winter getaways once I retire…the Keys sound nice about this time of year.

  2. As someone who was born in Los Angeles and moved 6 1/2 years ago to Bellingham, WA (and is looking at the snow outside her window), I want to put in a loving high-five for sub-freezing temps, the layered look, and closed-toed shoes. Your two icy images touch me more than the beach one. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’ve found my true home here in the Northwest. Or maybe I think ice hanging off of bird-feeders is attractive (and the berries in ice are really wonderful too). Or maybe I just love living in a place where the weather reports on TV are actually interesting. As long as I can use my all-wheel drive to get up the hill to the road, I’m good.

    • Winter can be very beautiful and nothing is so quiet as a blanket of snow. I appreciate your high five and the beauty of Winter. (Maybe I should have posted a road shot of Winter with all the dirty brown slush?) I think I am just ready for a migration phase as I am for some reason, focused on the “brutality” of Winter. I feel for the creatures and trees subjected to pelting ice, the crusty layer over the snow and the freezing temperatures. The birds are so puffed up! Each year I am amazed when everything comes back in the Spring. I am pining to be one of those snow birds that come back in the Spring …

  3. lol…great post! I’ve been wondering that about myself lately…”why” do I continue to do this, but time just keeps going on and I keep going on…:-) I guess I am a “birdbrain”-lol. Your photos are just beautiful! It seems winter started just too early this year, maybe it will be out of here sooner-yeah right!

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