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February Observations: Same S*** Different Day


Snow has become a four letter word around here. It is another day, and yes, it is snowing again. Same snow, different day.

same snow dif day

I wonder if those living closer to the equator shake their heads in bewilderment as to why we Northerners ever live here? All most of us seem to do is complain about Winter with many a four letter word expletive.

While some relish the snow and cold – those “mobilers” and skiers and ice drinkers “fisherers,” I think the rest of the “most of us” would be gardeners. While the snow is fresh and pretty and jolly around Christmas time and even into January where we try to celebrate “Winter interest” and ahhhhh, a break from the very physical gardening hobby, it is the last month or so that becomes oh so tiring. (Sort of like that sentence – it just drags on.) I mean oh, the drudgery – put on the puffy coat, the gloves, the hat, the boots, push the door open with significant force to break the ice and push away the newly drifted snow, grab the shovel, shovel snow, brush off the car, scrape the car, start the car, remember to leave open the cupboards so the pipes don’t freeze, refill the humidifier, make some tea, turn down the heat, turn up the heat … it is maddening. (It might just prove to be more economical to rent a Southern estate than pay for heat.) OW! Another static shock of electricity.

How many garden plans can one dream up? (By now they are too elaborate to even begin to realistically complete within a season much less several years.) How many seed catalogs can be read and reread for the umpteenth time? How many seeds can we order and plant? Just how long can that Dogwood shrub and evergreen be interesting? I need another snack and a nap.


Ah, the carefree days of Summer. Flip on the flip flops, flip off the flip flops – it doesn’t matter, open the windows – leave open, no coat, no gloves, start the car and go! It is the summer that is so sweet here in the North. The perfect temperatures – not too hot – sometimes a bit too cool. The songs of birds, insects, lush, green growth. Flowers upon flowers upon flowers. It is like having a baby. One forgets all about the pain of Winter and is smitten with this brand spanking new landscape in Spring. So much so, that one does it again – endures the Winter just to see that born Spring that makes us all so giddy goo goo gaa gaa.

Right now? Same s***, different day. My gardener class has been canceled due to S***! [ Insert four letter word @#$*!] How do you cope with the drudgery? I am over ready to induce labor and return to sitting in my favorite viewing chair OUTside.



Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

9 thoughts on “February Observations: Same S*** Different Day

  1. I love how you describe things”puffy coat”…so like it is! I am so tired of this s*** too! Today we have sun, and it does help a bit. Rent a southern estate-yes-that is what I want to do! I never use to mind winter until this year. i ponder what is it about this year. Well, in our area we hit the coldest winter on record! Winter interest , bahumbug-I am not going out there to take pictures of snow and freeze my lens off and my fingers! Plus my camera just fogs up any way!
    I know you have your plants inside + I have mine under lights which helps so much. Now if this continues where I can’t harden my plants off because it is in the single digits, I will be moving south soon! A southern estate now that is a plan to ponder:-)( long sigh)…

  2. That drink and chair looks inviting, well there is hope!

    • Thanks Robbie. I cannot wait to sit in that chair! I usually water the garden (and myself) from that chair although one really should water in the mornings and not at happy hour. One day I will update the chair and ditch the plastic! For what we just paid in propane, we could rent a pretty posh place closer to the equator – or buy some really, really nice chairs.

      • Happy hour was what I thought when I saw the glass on chair-lol I have the same chairs in my yard. I would love some fancy ones, but the plastic work fine since I can stack them away when people are not over, but they do break easily. It will be spring soon I am hearing the birds outside my window right now + I am seeing some melting out there today! It is coming your way soon:-)

  3. “How many garden plans can one dream up”…that’s hysterical! 🙂 I love your posts! I’m a lot further south and I have dreamt up so many new garden plans in my head for this year, I would need a crew to accomplish it all. We’re also colder than normal this year….. down to 19 tonight again and I am also so ready to get on with spring and say adios to winter. Hang in there Kathy! 🙂

    • Thank you for your words of encouragement. I have to hang on – no choice really. To add insult to injury my sister is flying to Puerto Vallarta on Tuesday! Ahhhhh! I need my own garden crew, too. My favorite contractor is not enough – ha!

  4. I remember Swiss days of constantly dressing in layers, and out of layers, and in again. That, I don’t miss!

  5. And the S*** continues…cold and snow today after a morning of rain….

    • Here, too, Donna. Today the sun is out! But it is bitter cold and that is sort of a let down when you open the door to outside. No Red-wings yet …

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