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March Is Here!


The beginning of each new month I write a new haiku and update my blog header with a timely photo. This March 1st, I took a walk outside to see what I might capture, though still cold it is. Hard to believe from the snowy photo of a few days ago from “Same S*** Different Day, but a bit of the snow has melted back from the the Southwestern side of our garage/workshop and, lo and behold, there are the early Crocus just beginning to come up which is what you see in this month’s new header. Exciting isn’t it?

Crocus March 1, 2014

Crocus March 1, 2014


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

8 thoughts on “March Is Here!

  1. Lovely blog, I am a fellow Zone 4 gardener!

    • Hi Stacey – I have recently followed your blog. I even read about you in Country Gardens magazine! I am envious of Rabbit Run Cottage – such a great little escape within a beautiful garden. So glad you stopped by for a visit. Did you by any chance bring Spring with you? Ha.

  2. Oh my gosh exciting!!!! I can’t find any place that is clearing away , but soon I bet. Well, except where the dogs do their stuff-lol. We may have 50 degrees in a few weeks, shoot this weekend it will be in the 30’s ! You would think that is summer weather. This past monday was the coldest march 3rd in 150 yrs…good to see you are seeing green!!! Time to get outside because I am so sick of this hibernating:-)

  3. Love the haiku…and wow you had enough melt to find green shoots…none here as we have not had enough melt.

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