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What’s Blooming: Living in a Bubble


I feel like this orchid bloom … trapped inside a bubble.


Another snow storm this past week and I’m driven indoors (into my bubble) and back on hibernation mode, i.e. another snack. (If it weren’t for my new plant-based diet lifestyle I’m certain I would be at least 10 lbs. more luscious this Winter. It is miraculous that I’ve maintained.) Anyway, I am afraid to remove the glass cloche from my orchid because a change in environment could cause the blooms to drop which is what I believe happened last year.

Although today is dripping from this rain chain, and the snow is ever so slowly receding, it is going to be another post of tired indoor blooms, I’m afraid.


Last year in March a few brave crocus were blooming and my young Witch Hazel. The Witch Hazel is nothing but a stub this year – favorite snack of my “pet” rabbit – because I failed to get it wrapped up before the snow began.

The violets are beginning to fade. The begonias are starting to sing Spring.

Annual begonias mixed in with an unknown begonia.

Annual begonias mixed in with an unknown begonia.

This Peace Lily is sending up a new bloom.



This Spider Plant is also blooming.


This Shamrock wishes you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It usually suffers indoors but becomes big and lush on an outdoor Summer vacation.


So, a difficult hunt scares up a few precious blooms and Carol’s quest at May Dreams Gardens – that we can have flowers nearly every month of the year – is proven yet again on this Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.

I am much more excited about what will be growing and will share that with you soon.


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

13 thoughts on “What’s Blooming: Living in a Bubble

  1. Oh dear, I bet you are longing for spring. What an endless winter you are having. I love your orange Cornus. Is it ‘Midwinter fire’?

  2. Isn’t it wonderful that Orchids are programmed to bloom near the end of winter?

    • Nell Jean my orchids used to bloom beginning in January and lasting all winter. I have neglected them and they aren’t as happy now but I’m glad at least one of them is blooming again – I’ll take it anytime of year!

  3. Kathy, I’m beginning to think of this as “the winter that refused to leave.” I decided to walk around my garden yesterday and discovered that what looked like 18″ deep snow was actually 18″ thick pack ice! I can walk around on top of it without breaking through, leaving tracks that look like someone walked around the garden on very small snowshoes. At least the spring sun is strong enough to steadily melt snow/ice from the roof — even when the temperature is in the 20s outdoors. Like you, I’m particularly grateful for my indoor blooms. Spring will be extra sweet when it finally gets here.

    • Oh Jean, here, too, all ice. I can only get into my shed through a tiny crack in the door due to ice and the big branch from the neighbor’s Silver Maple that fell during the first ice storm is still frozen in solid in my backyard. I walked around the other day but it depressed me so that I won’t venture out again for awhile. The rabbit has mowed down my crocus, of course, and the only other peeks of green are weeds – bah humbug!

  4. This has been an unusually harsh winter and all the gardens are delayed again. The good news is spring is finally showing its face here on Long Island so you should not be too far behind. Hopefully the weather will start to warm for you. In the meantime enjoy your lovely indoor blooms!

  5. It is a bad nightmare we just can’t stop. now VA is getting snow tomorrow. I do hope ours is done and that we can get some warm temps. -4 tonight….brrrrr! Lovely indoor blooms though Kathy. My peace lily has bloomed too.

  6. oh my, I missed another post,but maybe it was not so bad since it seems to be the never ending story for us all! When will this end. I have been away from my computer growing all my annuals. I can’t even harden off many of them since it is just too cold. I can harden off the pansy, stock, chicory, lettuce + cole crops, but useless for anything else. We have warm weather here today + tomorrow, but than back down..Usually by this time of year I start seeing my spring flowers poking through the earth..NOTHING but my corn mache + it is all soggy, useless….well, maybe it will be a long summer-lol:-) Happy Spring soon! I will enjoy the next two days and head out for a bike ride on the river to get ready for spring….it is coming, maybe it just wants us to miss her-lol

    • Oh Robbie, I was feeling so far behind in planting my seeds but now I am so glad I waited. I still have young trees buried in snow! And forget planting those peas on St. Patrick’s Day THIS year!

      • I am starting my peas inside in paper pots! No kidding there is no way I can plant them outside it is warm today and tomorrow than another cold spell!

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