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March Observations: Madness! Seeing the Forest Through the Snow


Madness, that sums up March this year. Not the kind of madness that screeches like sneakers on a well polished floor or where roving eyes flicker and wildly dance in time to a little orange ball, but the kind of madness where visions blur reality. The kind of madness where days stretch on infinitely and blur into one. The kind of madness where darkness lingers in some cold, forgotten corner and I am sentenced there. Eternal winter.

Minutes, hours, days – so much time lost shuffling about my dirty, dusty – I notice listlessly – house. I am too busy pacing, gazing out of one window then another for something … something, but nothing is happening. The snow is not melting. The sun is back undercover and everything seems so dirty, dusty. Then, more flakes begin to fall from the filthy sky and I am putting back on the thick socks and sweater with a shock of static cling and a shiver, trying desperately to see the forest through the snow …


Trying to Look Through the Snow

In my now spongy, nearly mad mind, it should look like this, my vision of Spring …

Seeing Through: Visions of Spring

Then, the sun reappears! A wave of its magic rays splash gold and yellow throughout the house – which really doesn’t look so bad neatened up a bit. So, I rush outside – it is Spring! – and BAM! the frigid air hits me smack in the face. I go down. It is cold, still so very cold, but determined, I cut some Forsythia branches to bring inside and put in a vase. I fleetingly notice a force of Daffodils and they are green and my heart soars before I hastily retreat back indoors. I will start seeds, it is time!

Forsythia Bring Spring Forth!

Forsythia Bring Spring Forth!

Daffodil Delirium

Daffodil Delirium

But then the sky darkens again and the dirty, little, gray specks begin to fall and twirl. Not a rhythmic dance but a frenzied madness. A dark shadow creeps into the house and points to the floor with its dirty, muddy foot prints. The compost is full again but I am not going out there.


Compost Spilleth Over

What is that? The rabbit is ON the new screened in porch! As in screened IN – he must have come in through the winter-tattered bottom screen of the door that is now torn. “Oh, just COME ON in! I know you must be tired of winter Mr. Rabbit. (My brain flashes a brief thought of sanity: please don’t let him be a Mrs.!) I will fix you a nice salad for lunch. Wait, oh no please don’t leave me here without any Spring!” And without any Spring in his step he loped away …


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

4 thoughts on “March Observations: Madness! Seeing the Forest Through the Snow

  1. lol…I remember that song form a long time ago..and I am going nutty too!!! I have an over flowing compost too and I don’t want to go outside, so mine sits on the counter just like yours:-) I did see some daffodils poking throught the soil, but I was looking back at all my spring photos from years past and we had more going on in the garden by now. It will be April next week!!! I am going mad,too!!! and they may have to take me away,too…hahahaha

    • The Red-winged Blackbirds have arrived in my garden – a sure sign of Spring Robbie just in the knick of time, but it is still so cold! Last year they arrived on the 10th – this year the 28th – that is the biggest gap in arrival day I have ever recorded! The compost still needs to go out – ha.

  2. Love that song…but spring is slowing crawling about the garden. More snow melts, puddles in its wake and lots of birds flying about. I have not started seeds yet. I have to clean up from last year and get on it by the end of the week. I am not anticipating an early planting season so I have plenty of time. I hope it warms more for both of us soon.

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