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A Colorful Tale of a Garden in the Making



Ah, well here it is a new month and I was scouting around the garden to look for a few signs of Spring and a new header shot – a delicate dance of avoiding mud and dog ****! I was just about to clean up all that ****, too, and then we received another 6 or so inches of snow but I have to believe that this is it!

Anyway, most of my earliest growing bulbs face mainly South/Southeast just beyond the “pond” area – where I plan to eventually put in a small pond. It has sort of pointed itself out to me, naturally.

Site planned for new small pond.

Site planned for new small pond.


I didn’t want to squish the soil in this area so avoided it. This is the dangerous time of year when you can absolutely ruin your soil structure by walking upon it or working the soil when it’s too wet!

Then I came upon my wine bottle border which has been buried in snow for nearly the entire winter. It was such a blast of color in what has been a white mundane landscape for so long that it became the focus of my garden walk and this month’s new header.


Ok, so I may have saturated the color a bit to make up for the lack of sunshine – but I just want to “COLOR my world!” right now. I am sure many of you feel the same. I will even take green grass – now that’s saying something, lawn-hater that I am.

It would have been nice to happen upon a green leaf or two (that isn’t a weed) – the horseradish looks very promising, or (gasp) an actual flower, but a good majority of my garden is still submerged in colorless snow/ice.

I think because we had the terrible ice storm in December and then snow, snow, snow after that, the ice never melted and is now keeping the snow chilled even on the rare sunny day.

I believe I posted last year that it was our longest wait for Spring since we moved here, but this year it is even longer!


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

6 thoughts on “Color!

  1. Oh I was hoping you had blooms. It will happen soon Kathy. I have snow crocus up in a couple of dry spots along with a few snowdrops…and as the snow melts and the puddles dry, the new shoots of early bulbs are growing fast…it is coming your way my friend so get ready!!

  2. I have been out almost every day since it is in the 40’s and today hit the upper 50’s. I just don’t get to my computer much anymore which is fine with me. I missed this post, and oh what pretty bottles in the snow. I have always thought that was a neat idea:-) I agree, I believe it has been another long winter-too long!!!! Look forward to reading about your new pond:-)

    • Oh Robbie I understand. I want to be out there, too! Throw the computer in the pond! Ha ha. I have become a meeting hound. It seems I have some sort of meeting everyday – this is so against my nature but it is probably karma for all those meetings I skipped and complained about when I worked in the corporate world … sigh. My office is now a garden, though! And my last meeting I participated from my porch. I really shouldn’t complain!

      • I need to look at my garden as an office! Brillant analogy…it really is my office, I spend all my time there + today I am enjoying my ability to be OUTSIDE, but after this week it may dip down, OH NO, but it is okay since I am sore all over, and it is a good sore from not being outside in so long! The dip will only be a day or two, so okay by me:-)
        I have noticed this year my knees are a bit more tender than previous years..I may have to get those knee pads or kneeling pad! body is not as young as it use to be-lol

  3. I forgot to mention, I LOVE your new banner!:-)

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