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New Addition


Well, yes I have been absent lately. I don’t think I “observed” a day in May(hem), but I need to record what I remember of that blur soon. I am just so excited to share my new addition with you! I can’t wait to lay the stones and add some shelves to it this weekend. The peppers were to be planted here but I think they might like being planted in here, too.

new addition 2014

And although I didn’t quite master the cold frame that was in this spot, I am on to bigger and better experiments with this greenhouse! Yes, that is my rhubarb flowering to the right. I know I shouldn’t let it flower (it will become bitter), but it is the first time it has ever bloomed and I wanted to see it – gardener’s prerogative!

Author: Kathy Sturr

Artist, master gardener, plant-based chef. Florida's Nature Coast / Indian River Lakes, NY

6 thoughts on “New Addition

  1. Oh your garden is so lovely!!! I want a green house so badly, you have inspired me since you made it look good in your space!!!! Only an artist could add a green house and make it look like a part of the landscape:-) I have been wanting to ask about your tour last month? How did it go? It must of went beautifuly, your potager is so stunning!!!! Did I use enough exclamation points:-)

    • Ha ha Robbie you made me laugh about the exclamation points … yes, my tour went very well! I sold 6 paintings and 10+ books. I was thrilled and surprised. I wish my garden would have been a bit better tended but no one except me, seems to mind! I will need to move the raspberries behind the greenhouse perhaps or maybe not – I am going to put in some stepping stones there so I don’t have to worry about keeping it weeded/mulched. It is a bit of a tight fit but I couldn’t pass up on the deal (it is used), and it has always been a dream of mine to add a greenhouse to the Potager albeit one of those stunners with the stone foundation like you see in the ads in all the latest gardening magazines. Ha ha. This one is just perfect. Two vents and a sliding door. I will invest in some automatic vent latches since I won’t be home most days. Harbor Freight Tools has some that seem quite reasonable. I am going to put some of my sad orchids in here to hopefully make a comeback and grow peppers and sedum cuttings and … well, there seems to be so many possibilities.

  2. How exciting…I keep trying to add room for a cold frame and see if there is ever a spot for a greenhouse and you did…wonderful!! And all my rhubarb went to flower while I was away. it is stunning!

    • Donna, I keep trying (wanting) to add a pond ha ha. The greenhouse happened quite unexpectedly but does seem to fit in! Things just keep happening around here. I love the rhubarb flowers – they are more like a flowering tree! I am just glad it is happy enough to bloom since I did move it a couple of years ago.

  3. Kathy, Congratulations on your new greenhouse. So many possibilities for new gardening adventures! Enjoy.

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