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June Observations: Let the Good Times Roll


As a gardener, I think my most difficult lesson is just that: let it roll, and there will be good times. I never did get to “cleaning up” the Nice Driveway but, hell if I can tell. It has all grown up and is a rockin’ and rollin’ just the same. (Okay, I did cut back the clematis and retied it to the trellis but other than that, nada.) Sometimes it is better to just let things roll, oui?

Here is an area I attempted to “control” this weekend. I sweat blood and tears for close to six hours. Unburied my poor Cypress yet again, not from ice, but from dreaded Bishop’s Weed.


Yes, I think the Cypress will appreciate air and light, and the wandering cat can no longer hide and pounce, and the edging is oh so nice, but honestly? I think it looks too “contrived” now. I am going to let this area roll for awhile to make a comeback – except for that Bishop’s Weed which I know will come back just as certain as death and taxes – THAT will be ripped from the earth, again!*@! I am reminded of an “infotoon” on Facebook, “Relax, nothing is under control.”

Now that I am gardening six days a week, I have learned a new strategy when it comes to my own garden. I make a goal – a small goal (like the area above), and I don’t deter. I put on my blinders and remind myself of today’s goal while I work away in my garden. There is so much that needs doing I find it necessary to remain focused on the task at hand. This approach is not as spiritual for me and I miss the days when I would set out into the garden and let it whisper to me what needs to be done. But now I contemplate is there really that much that needs my meddling – or can I just let the good times roll?

Hmmm, yes and no. This garden will definitely knock me around. It is so alive and amoebic, constantly shifting and engulfing, brushing my rock and roll hair. I like the Goat’s Beard. I need to release the Goat’s Beard from the bindweed (and plant that Misty Lace already)! Those violets are becoming violent!


The Flowering Raspberry is a blob-like creature all its own. See it devouring the poor Spicebush and even steadfast Oenothera – stand back!


Filipendula rubra, Queen of the Prairie, is overtaking the Serviceberry (a tree for god’s sake!) but I am looking forward to its cotton candy blooms. I believe last summer I was humming Oh Baby, Baby It’s a Wild World but this summer I am Letting the Good Times Roll – trading in that machete for a drum stick! I am learning to love the wild …


Let them leave you up in the airRudbeckia laciniata, or Cutleaf Coneflower, and Cup Plant, Silphium perfoliatum.


A somewhat recently “policed area.” Might as well put crime scene tape around that edge, eh?


Wild and unruly Clematis Virginia already tackling its new support. And hops, hopping to the roofline. If they’ve got thunder appeal let them be on your side …



This area is/was my next “goal.” Even a rock and roll song must undergo a little editing before its claim to fame.


I hope you will appreciate that I can have such a neglected, seedy and weedy area in my garden and still learn to love it!

And yes, I was going to achieve that said goal above. I was going to get out in the garden on the seventh day but the River was calling and afterall, it is summer. The garden will roll and grow on. Let the good times roll!



Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

13 thoughts on “June Observations: Let the Good Times Roll

  1. Great post! I agree let the good times roll…and wild thing is a good way to go:-) It all looks lovely , my dear:-)

  2. I do wander my garden, and the ‘little’ bit that yells loudest gets my blood sweat and tears – until I can see a difference there – no longer so jungly, but not obviously manicured. It’s a delicate balance which I treasure.

  3. I used to always want to get Projects done. I finally realized I don’t have large chunks of time, just little chunks. So now my goal is to get a little bit done every day. Usually I pick something in the shade. Weeding, pruning, whatever. And those big-chunk days come every so often and I treasure them.

    • I am too tired when I come home Kathy to do something even little – but this is great advice. I do still sit in the garden each day just to listen. It’s nice to actually just sit in my garden – always so difficult for me in the past. I treasure my full garden days, too!

  4. Over time my gardening goals have become more practical…Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  5. You would love my wild garden right now as it is a jungle….love your wild areas and glad to see you got out on the river!!

  6. I like the “wild look” too, as long as it doesn’t completely obscure my pathways or my house. But to me being in my garden is better than lounging lakeside. 🙂 … By the way, if you don’t already know, you’re the winner of my book Grace in the Garden offered on Donna’s blog. She sent me your address so I’ll be mailing it this week. Take care.

    • Yes, Grace, Donna told me! I am very excited for the opportunity to read your book. Can’t wait to receive it and plop down on the porch (with the view of my garden), or plop down on a rock or dock along the St. Lawrence River, to read it. It is always a summer dilemma here: garden or river? On the river I saw a beautiful Blue Heron, a Belted Kingfisher and Merganser with her chicks on her back! In my garden I am entertained by the Catbird, watch the Robins eat the Dogwood berries, see the hummingbird discover the newly blooming ornamental clover, watch the dragonflies hunt mosquitos … so much magic. The magic is closer to home and heart in my garden but the river here is also wildly beautiful.

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