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Did you vote?



I rarely talk politics because well, I am not super knowledgeable about what really goes on because one has to be a savvy investigator these days to uncover the real motives and levy the weight behind any political clout. I just feel I have better, more productive, things to do with my time than to dig to the root of the matter. I would rather be digging among plant roots!

Still, I voted and even took a little time to look into to what and whom I was voting for. It is a right that I am grateful for. Honestly, I think our government is corrupt and beyond repair which I feel many people believe. Even my husband who used to dive deep into politics, a former die hard Fox News fan who listened to Rush faithfully (before Obama was elected) and was knowledgeable about all the “issues,” didn’t want to vote – but I convinced him. (The day Obama was elected my husband turned off the news and the talk radio but frankly, I think our lives are better for it. He now listens to blues music – WAY better!)

I am registered as a Republican which might surprise some of you, but my husband and I are small business owners. However, the Republican party seems to have “sold out” itself and I can’t back that. Regardless, I decided that what I really am is a Libertarian and I’m going to get around to changing my registry. I don’t believe in a heavy handed government and have faith in people – that they will do what’s best without being told, but I am also pretty much a “tree hugger.” I am also fiercely independent and want everyone to have the right to be so and to be responsible for themselves and their own paths in life. I believe in karma and the ol’ you get what’s coming to you, not government handouts and entitlements or even sharing the pie because it really just doesn’t work out for everyone. I do believe we need to conserve nature, protect our Mother, and educate people about the environment. Believe me, if I am ever totally wealthy one day, I will share my wealth but I want to share it with only what I believe in the way I see fit and I should have that right in this country.

Oh, but I rant and rave instead of getting to the point … what I really want to say is that I vote EVERY day – do you? I am passionate, sometimes too much, about my beliefs. I believe the best way to live is by example so I vote everyday. I don’t collect coupons or buy what’s on sale in the grocery store because I buy organic whenever I can – because I believe in it! I spend the extra nickel – come on! I will boycott a company that doesn’t share my beliefs. I have even gone so far as to not invest in certain mutual funds because I do not want to support some of the companies corrupting our government and sabotaging our country.

Do you realize you can still vote everyday even if you believe our government is corrupt and beyond repair? I believe the power of the consumer is even stronger than your ballot vote! Now that I’m basically VEGAN – I vote for animal rights even if I am not parading around with a sign (yet). I don’t buy meat, eggs or dairy. I won’t buy leather or wool or honey. You can vote by buying organic foods, especially those also labeled with the non-GMO seal! You can vote by buying seeds only from companies who have taken the safe seed pledge. You can vote by shopping at your local stores and not Walmart or Sam’s Club, whenever you can. You can vote by not buying pesticides or herbicides. You can vote by not buying products from companies, or by buying products from companies you value. I value companies like Purple Prairie, Dr. Bronners, and Mountain Rose and so I support them just as I would support a candidate. You can vote by buying a native plant instead of an exotic at your local nursery. You can vote by buying from your local nursery instead of  Lowe’s. You can vote by cutting your cable and only watching the shows you like via streaming Netflix or Amazon or Hulu. You can vote by using your public library and supporting them. You can vote by buying a hybrid car. You can vote by not driving through McDonald’s. You can vote by seeking alternative health care. You vote by your choice. The power still belongs to you, to us, the people.

So, tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, are you going to vote?


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

14 thoughts on “Did you vote?

  1. Great post-Kathy:-) I voted + I have been an independent since I was in my youth. You are so right , we vote every day by what we choose to support. We do not have to all think alike, but we have hte freedom to support whom we like! I as you will pay extra to support organic growers!
    I voted and I have even been known to write in a candidate if i did not like my choices-lol

    • Alright Robbie! I am so glad you voted and yes, we can all vote differently every day for those things we want in our lives – the pursuit of our own individual happiness. I saw the write ins on the ballot and thought, hmmm … I need to keep that in mind. I know you are Independent Robbie ha ha!

  2. As they say “Vote with your feet.” Take your business and dollars and use them where your values lay.

  3. I vote everyday as well…great piece to remind us Kathy.

  4. still guilty of dairy products – but looking to move to more vegan meals.
    Still in leather shoes – guilty.
    Between living thru the new South Africa and knowing people fought and died for their vote, and the Swiss way of frequent referendums about current issues, yes I do vote.
    Less than 2 weeks and I will be an ENTHUSIASTIC supporter of what is promised as the best public library in Cape Town!!

  5. Yes, I voted. (Early, actually, because I knew I was going to be gone on Election Day.)

    I agree with you totally about voting every day through our actions. My gardens are always organic – totally organic. I don’t even use supposedly “organic” pesticides, but work to build up natural predators to keep nature’s balance. I hand weed, rather than using herbicides. (My only exception is to use Roundup to kill large patches of poison ivy when necessary.) We buy organic produce and buy quite a lot of our food from the local Farmers’ Market. We’re not vegan, but we buy pasture-raised beef and free range chicken and eggs. Our beef is raised on the prairie, not far from us; we buy locally for our chicken, too, when we can. Our cars are both hybrids now.

    We try hard to buy from local businesses, rather than from big chains, and we eat at local restaurants, too, whenever we can. I check out Goodwill regularly, too. I’m lucky enough not to have to shop there, but I figure that buying used is better than buying new, whenever possible. In recent years, I’ve even started working quite hard to combine errands into as few trips as possible, to decrease the number of miles that I drive.

    Thank you for posting this. It’s so good for us all to remember how our everyday actions will produce our future world, tiny step by tiny step.

    • Cynthia, thank you. This post felt risky to me but sometimes we all just have to rant a little. I am so impressed with your voting! I don’t have a hybrid car but I do own a Subaru and I believe their home headquarters is a certified wildlife habitat which I find outstanding. I am so glad you commented here and shared your views. It is also heartening whenever I hear of someone supporting organic. I do not use any pesticides or herbicides either. I did once use an organic herbicide on crabgrass in my driveway – its main ingredient was cinnamon bark and it even smelled good. It worked wonderfully, too. My husband also used a spray on some yellow jackets making a nest in the eaves of our house – but he has learned from me – its main ingredient was mint! I now hang mint swags near my hummingbird feeders if the yellow jackets move in – works like a charm. A bouquet of mint at a BBQ might be a good idea, too. Plants can be so powerful. Our consumer votes are powerful, too, and I am so glad to hear you flex yours.

  6. Very interesting post. I agree with you to an extent. Of course many of us try to make choices in our own lives that reflect our values. I wish that millions of people making such individual choices could solve challenges such as climate change and poisoning of the environment. I don’t believe that is the case, though. These are problems that will only be addressed by forcing government to take action, as incredibly difficult as that is.

    • I agree to disagree with you. Our government has been bought out. If we put our money where we want it to go, we can buy it back – we can end the poisoning of the environment by refusing to eat GMOs whether they are labeled or not – a little research will help make everyday choices that do not support GMOs. If everyone practiced a little Veganism even a few days a week, we could solve climate change. We don’t need a government to make these changes. We need to vote with our choices and consumer power.

      • Kathy, we obviously have different perspectives on this. I blog to get away from politics so I don’t want to enter an extended debate. But let me ask you this. Is there a single respected climate scientiest who thinks that everyone practicing a little veganism each day will solve climate change? Please let me know if you can find one who thinks a little veganism will counteract the tar sands development, all the new coal fired power plants coming on line, etc, etc. If there is one, I would really like to know about him/her. As to the government being bought out, I sadly agree with you. We will not be able to protect the environment unless we figure out a way to restore it to democracy.

      • Let’s stick to blogging and gardening. I am a happy Vegan and gardener – both have improved my life in so many ways that I feel we could save the world!

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