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Look What That B*TCH Did Now!


I have been driven nearly mad listening to that witch of a b*tch, the Wicked Wind of the West howl for nearly 24 hours straight. And today, well I discovered this …


See anything missing? Like a door? I found the missing panel on the other side of the Pin Oak. Both are secure in my shed until we reach nearly 60° F on Monday, according to the weather forecast, when I will affix both in place and devise a way to keep secure. At least the rustic arbor is still standing. I am almost afraid to leave my little sanctuary all alone to face the brut of Winter – almost. Since there’s not much I can do about the weather, I am migrating! [gulp], but what will I return to?

Anyway, it’s a good thing that I wasn’t organized enough to have anything growing in my little greenhouse just yet!

I also refilled all my bird feeders – the WWW tends to blow the seed right out of them. Unbelievable. It is calm now, but there’s more of IT predicted. This is one of the birds’ favorite spots.


They are really into the heated bird bath this year. I am going to put out a solar one while we are gone. It should help on days above 20° F which may not be often but I figure every little bit helps. When I hear WWW howl and see the swirls of snow I can’t help but think of all those creatures outdoors enduring.

I have to share this “wall of snow” captured in Buffalo NY with you. Now, THAT is something I do not want to ever witness! Although I could picture it coming up the river …

Tonight, I should sleep sound.


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

8 thoughts on “Look What That B*TCH Did Now!

  1. Not fun Kathy….but good it happened before you left. And I have hit that wall of snow that they are showing. It would blow across 81 as it swallowed me up heading North….very scary. I am glad not to have to drive in it.

    • It seems so soon for this kind of (severe) weather! Makes me afraid of what will happen while I’m gone. I’ll have to make sure to run the blender night and day to keep the worry at bay …

  2. Kathy! It has been a bit since I have read your blogs and I cant wait to delve in soon. I just need an hour to myself to just sit and read; something I intend on doing soon! I cant wait to see all you have been up to in that garden of yours! I did however just read this last post and am sorry that the WWW did that to your heavenly oasis. I too will pray that this winter is kind to your garden and not much damage is done. I so enjoy reading your colorful and descriptive writings! Wherever you are enjoy it and blend one up for me :)) XOX

    • Sharlene! So good to see you even here on the screen. I hope you find more than an hour of peace for yourself. That WWW is still howling. I will be posting from my migration location (Cedar Key, FL) and will be sure to blend one up for you!

      • Hey there. I just looked up Cedar Key! Looks like an awesome place to escape the hard cold winters! Awesome! Looks very low key too and on the west coast which is the only part of Florida to be on 🙂 Do you fly into their local runway?! It looks like you need a very experienced pilot to land there ! lol…

        enjoy it! I know you are getting horrific weather by you. I thought I heard the weather was letting up a bit the last day or two. When are you leaving? Not soon enough??!! Safe travels!

        Many Blessings, Sharlene SHAKLEE … Creating healthier & happier lives for almost 60 Years!

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  3. Kathy, Are you in the lake-effect snow band? Our local weather forecaster explained tonight that the snow is so bad near the Great Lakes because the cold came suddenly while the water is still quite warm. Once the lakes cool down, they can’t produce as much snow. But, in the meantime, yikes!! Yesterday, the lake effect snows were so strong that a few flakes survived their travels across the Green, White, and Western Maine mountains to fall on my part of Maine. This early snow should make you appreciate your migration all the more.

    • Hi Jean, we are just North of the lake-effect but I can tell you it is always bad as I lived in Syracuse for many years. Here in Clayton NY, it seems to be the opposite. We don’t receive much snowfall until AFTER the river freezes. Although, I’ll agree, Winter came suddenly! I actually like the lake effect snow – big large flakes that are soft and fluffy. Better than the sleety, extremely windy Northern snow we seem to get here most often. That wind is still driving me mad.

  4. You are getting everything we get after we get it…crazy…..that warm weather was nuts this past weekend! The wind is coming againyour way or it may be there already…..As I get older, the wind scares me more now. When I was a kid, it never did but when we had one come through here a few years ago that took out all our trees etc, well I have never been the same. I can’t imagine people that go through tornados that take their towns out! Or the snow you had this past few weeks that made roofs collapse-crazy!
    I watched the video + it reminded me of Lake Michigan which is where I grew up…I’ve seen that in person! brrrrrrrr….you are kind to remember your furry friends. We have a heater out there too for the birds….I am not looking forward to snow. My car was frozen shut yesterday!

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