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Tree Love


There’s more than tree love going on here. I love Cedar Key not only because of the weather, but for a whole flock of reasons. I love it because it is a small town and I have a fondness for small towns. It is a small town surrounded by preserve so it is surrounded by wildness and nature. I also love the tide. I haven’t lived with the tide since moving from our rental house in Maine on Penobscot Bay. The tide was especially large at solstice. I liken the tide to the earth breathing in and out. It let out a long deep sigh of breath on the solstice. Birds flow in and above with the tides, which I also love.

Yesterday, as part of our 13th wedding anniversary (talk about love!), we kayaked out on the water to and around Cedar Point. We left as the tide was coming in and returned at high tide and watched the changing landscape up close and personal as we skimmed over some of the oyster mounds hidden just beneath the surface of the waters that previously we had to paddle around.



White Pelicans

Each day we walk Cemetery Point Park. We call it the “boardwalk,” and Mojo has added this word to his limited vocabulary. It is a long stretch of an elevated dock over grasses and mangrove. There are many birds to observe and we frequently see Lesser Scaup, American Avocet, American Oystercatcher, Snowy Egrets, Blue Heron, White Ibis, Willet and many, many gulls. We also sometimes see Dolphin. The Mullets (fish) frequently jump out of the water in a sort of happy dance.


Cemetery Point Park


Mojo enjoying the “boardwalk”

Some days the tide is high and some days the tide is low, but here our spirits always seem high.


High Tide


Low Tide


Low Tide

We took the long way to town – I also love the town of Cedar Key because it incorporates so many wonderful trees. Here, tree love is evident. Fences are constructed around trees.



Even this deck is constructed around this palm tree.


This tree has a support group! A clever solution to sidewalk safety – the pot alerts you to walk around this supported branch.


Oh, and the Live Oaks … mucho love. Roads are routed around some of these beauties.


An island was created for this tree – the road splits around it.


The road swoops around this tree.

I am especially excited about this tree because this is where we will be staying in February! It is called Ada’s Wabi Sabi Cottage. The tree seems to cradle it, no? Love!


I know it’s not even February yet, but I’ll leave you with this little love note. Here is the vertebra of a manatee (courtesy of the Low-Key Hideaway). Notice the familiar shape? I “heart” manatees, too. Such gentle creatures. Peace and love to all in the New Year.



Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

14 thoughts on “Tree Love

  1. It looks so wonderful there, Kathy. I love that they work around the trees. The water and birdlife must be fantastic. Wabi Sabi Cottage is adorable, is there a hammock? It looks like a good spot for one!

  2. Makes me want to buy plane tix right now! Beautful pics.

  3. Wow!!! I am “green” with envy:-) That looks so beautiful and what an amazing place to explore. How large is the town? Happy 15! I agree with Eliza, where is the hammock? You sound so happy + relaxed. Guess what I did today? …hmmm….did you guess? …lol…Shoveled snow! It is below zero here and your pictures and story were just the perfect ending to a snowy day…WARM!
    Happy New Year to you + thank you for sharing:-)

    • Oh Robbie, I am so sorry! I guess it is pretty warm in Clayton today around 48-49°F. There was a wee bit of an ice storm – so glad I missed that – makes me fret over the trees and all. It would be downright difficult not to be happy here! I hope my photos made you warm – nothing like sending out a little sunshine. I am dreaming of my garden. Got Baker’s and Johnny’s seed catalogs here. Already drawing up my plan – I am ready! I hope it’s my best gardening year ever!

  4. This is a great post! I liked how you compared the tide to the earth breathing in and out. And the trees are so full of character. Ada’s Wabi Sabi Cottage looks like a really fun place to stay! It is a wise town that values its trees. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos. Happy New Year!

  5. Ignore my last note to u! I see u r very much still in Florida! Cedar Key looks so quaint & a great place to get lost in especially in January & February! Enjoy the Tree Love all around u! Looking at these pictures makes me want to recycle my parka for a pair of teva’s & buy a ticket;) Namaste K! Happy New Year! Thank u for sharing

    • Love it here Sharlene. It is my new winter home forever! I hear it is going to be -15°F in Clayton tonight – so glad to be here. Maybe you could get away and we could catch up down here at the tiki bar!

  6. Oh Kathy I can see why you love it there…a perfect spot to feel and see the earth breathing

  7. Looks like a beautiful place! I love your analogy of the tides with breathing.

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