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In The Garden Today – April Observations


It’s been awhile since I’ve been home to be able to observe the garden. Here’s what I’ve observed: it’s Spring, well maybe not, no it’s Spring, well maybe not … Although the weather is warm today the wind blows like Old Man Winter and I fear for the chimes I’ve already hung in the garden. My hummingbird formula is cooling on the stove (I use a simple 4 to 1 ratio of white sugar and water, bring to boil) and I will fill and put out the feeders today. Just three days ago, a hummingbird was sighted in Scranton, PA and maybe they will blow in on this wind.


Hummingbird feeders ready to be filled.

The-Wicked-Wind. It was snowing, then raining, now it’s blowing and I am just about at the end of my little string of hanging on. I hung three of these “crystals” in my favorite room – the back porch with the view of the garden – to catch the sun and prevent the birds from flying into the windows. They make wonderful rainbows – only we haven’t had any sun.


Where’s the sun? I want rainbows!

We haven’t had any nice weather, really. Honestly, I’m about ready to put the house up for sale, garden and all, and move to my “winter home.” So, I am just trying to do happy things like fill the hummingbird feeders, plant more seeds, make homemade guacamole, a stiff martini …


What? Your kitchen table doesn’t look like this?

I only have the begonias that I cut down in Fall and stored in the (freezing) cellar and one tray of seeds in the greenhouse because the nights are still quite cold. But doesn’t this just make you go woo? I love these neat little rows that I’ll be planting up with flower seeds and putting in the greenhouse.


Woo woo

What I really have been trying to do is walk out into the garden each day and find something beautiful. I don’t always have time to post to the blog here at Violet Fern but I do post pictures on Instagram tagged “In The Garden Today” or on Pinterest on a board of the same name. It makes me get out in the garden and appreciate it in spite of the creather (crappy weather). Follow me there if you would like to see more than my sporadic posts. The Crocus are out in full force but not open – due to the weather I imagine. The Snowdrops are finally free of snow – they are so dainty and bring me joy. No sign of the Aconite I planted in the Fall but the Woodland Tulips are emerging. For the first time ever I had patches of snow mold in the grass – eeewww.

Well, someone out there must have heard me whining because the Chipmunk is out for the first time! That makes my day seeing that cute little critter stuff his cheeks full of sunflower seeds. He and the rabbit both survived the cat that’s been prowling my garden.


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

9 thoughts on “In The Garden Today – April Observations

  1. Sorry to hear about the weather. We have had some good days but not as warm as I would like…hoping the promised warmth comes. I am wondering how long you will be able to stay here given how much you loved FL. Hoping you can get out more in the garden and enjoy. I have not been out at all because we are under water.

    • What would we do without complaining about the weather ha ha – well, we would garden for one! I will stay here Donna – I’ll be in love with just a couple of nice days. I know they will happen soon. I received a giant thai elephant ear in the mail today from Logees – so awesome! I’ll be planting it in TI Park where I work but more special plant orders are in my future. So uplifting! We have lots of water here, too. I’m surprised my shed has not floated down to the River! I think I heard the wren, too. I’m just moody from lack of gardening. Florida will always be something to look forward to – like our elusive Spring.

  2. Kathy, I think we need to extend that old Maine t-shirt slogan — “If you can’t stand the winter, you don’t deserve the summer” — to extend to our non-spring, too. I’ve been away from home for a few days and am hoping to find spring has finally arrived when I return.

    • Yes, I agree Jean – only I’m a cheater and went to Florida and really shouldn’t complain or whine! Guess where I was today – ALL day? In the garden! I feel so much better. It seemed like Spring. I listened to a Song Sparrow all day (and the garden chimes) – I mistakenly thought the Song Sparrow for the wren. So beautiful! Peas are in. Welcome home!

  3. Kathy-you have the “winter blues” you just did not go through them since you were in paradise! You are going through them now but in a “quick” way and spring right now after so long of “WHITE + BROWN DEAD STUFF”looks amazing:-) Those little clumps here and there of green are inspiring, but I have to admit even I am impatient + wonder about these long winters….they seem to get longer as my years increase!
    How do you get your rows to grow so straight-LOL-I never get those things to work for me-mine always look lopsided!
    Happy Spring:-)

    • Robbie, I think you’re right – I had a bout of the Winter blues – thank goodness not for long because Spring is here! It’s really here! I am watching Mojo roll in the (muddy) grass – he knows it’s Spring, too. No sign of the hummingbirds yet or the wren but that little song sparrow has been singing his heart out! I planted soooo many seeds this weekend and they are all out in the greenhouse where I want to set up chair and just sit and hang out all day ha ha. The Jiffy pots? I ordered a bunch of refills from Amazon since my local stores don’t offer the refills – just the complete set ups. They fit right in the little trays so it really has nothing to do with me. I can’t even draw a straight line and some people call me an artist ha ha. I have the screen door open to the porch (aka my office) and am listening to all the birds. Good bye and good riddance Winter!

  4. Meredith at Great Stems wrote long ago that metal feeders are bad for hummingbirds?

    • Great point Diana – rust/iron can kill – actually the base of the coppery looking one is entirely plastic and the top of the jar is separate – does not come into contact with the solution – so I believe I’m safe. Although I admit I purchased it for the “coppery accent.” The other style is my favorite and I have had that feeder for over ten years!

    • So far no sign of the little beauties, either ):

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