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What’s Blooming: Glory Glory Glory!


Hallelujah! It’s Spring! This cute little ray of sunshine arrived Easter – thanks Mom! – and can’t wait to be out there in the garden but patience, we did have a light frost this morning.


Gerber Daisy

I have spent glorious days in the garden but have yet to finish Spring clean-up. I’ve made great progress, though. The Potager is ready. I put up my wire panels and even moved the Raspberries from behind the greenhouse. Next “leaf” day (biodynamic calendar) I will plant kale, swiss chard, lettuces … it’s just so wonderful to be back in the garden. I feel like skipping about.


The calm before the storm.

Plants are arriving … these beautiful vines from Easy to Grow Bulbs arrived yesterday: Passion Flower Betty Myles Young and Corkscrew Vine. I couldn’t be more pleased and I’ll definitely be ordering from them again. Considering what it takes to germinate and grow either of these from seed, the cost seems very minimal. They are making a slow and easy recovery (from shipping) on my back porch before I move them to the greenhouse until danger of frost has passed. In spite of our lightly frosted morning, the temperature in the greenhouse was 60° F! I spent a portion of yesterday afternoon constructing a beautiful trellis for the Corkscrew Vine. (I’ll post about that soon.)


AAAAND things are beginning to wake up and BLOOM! Just in time for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens on the 15th of each month. And wouldn’t you know, I’m home in my garden to enjoy it all! So, what’s blooming in the Violet Fern garden right now?

Mostly Crocus. It’s too early for these guys, they haven’t woken up yet. The crocus I have are mixed snow crocus and I didn’t diligently label their locations in the garden, but I do believe these are Blue Pearl, my favorite.


When they’re awake, they look like this!


Blue Pearl

Snowdrops are also blooming now that the snow is GONE, FINIS, BYE-BYE!


Glory of the Snow, chionodoxa just started blooming. I want to rename them Glory of the Spring!


Chionodoxa in the SUN!

Chionodoxa – what a difference lighting makes.

Disappointing is the Aconite, Eranthis Hyemalis, I planted last fall – not a sign. I thought this might have been one but upon closer inspection it looks more like a Daffodil. Maybe she’ll open later today!


Daffodils are really making a push! It won’t be long before they light up the ground.


Tulips are popping up everywhere, too, after these few warmer, SPRING-like days. I usually only plant species Tulips because Big Fat Rabbit likes to eat the fancy pants Tulips – I’m surprised he’s left me so many Crocus this year! – but I think this one is a fancy pants carefully hidden under Low Gro Sumac. The Woodland Tulips and Lady Jane’s are coming up, too.


Next month (gasp) Poppies? They’re really growing. Don’t you just love all that fuzz?


I hope your garden is waking up, too, and the sun is on your face! All smiles.

Author: Kathy Sturr

Artist, master gardener, plant-based chef. Florida's Nature Coast / Indian River Lakes, NY

16 thoughts on “What’s Blooming: Glory Glory Glory!

  1. It does sound like you’re really enjoying getting out into your garden again. How lovely to see all those beautiful signs of Spring around you. All of the plants you’ve shared today are things I don’t get to see around here, but I often envy gardeners who do get to see them every year.

  2. Your excitement is contagious – great things are happening!

  3. Love your energy and enthusiasm! Send me some! I know you lost a lot of indoor plants while away for winter. It will all be forgotten as a new season unfolds outside!

    • Dear Daniela, Just sent! Expect it to arrive soon. (Sigh), I did lose a lot of plants and just yesterday sent some more to that great compost in my backyard. On the other hand, it is a bit of a relief – I had so so many. Now I can just focus “outside!” Love, the Master Gardener Plant Murderer

  4. I love ‘Blue Pearl’. Nice that you have Chionodoxa, I’d like to mix some with my Siberian Squill.

  5. It is great to see your garden waking up Kathy…it feels great to have a cleaned up garden and start planting things….

    • Thanks Donna – back at it today. The weather has really been cooperating. The daffodils are open and I need to clean up so I can enjoy them. The bumble bees are out, too!

  6. Spring is even more glorious after a hard (and long!) winter like this one. Most of the snow is now gone from my garden, and I got out to begin spring clean-up today — an activity that put a big smile on my face. My flowers aren’t as far along as yours — just one crocus and one hyacinth in bloom — but with so much more to come! Yay spring!

    • Jean I’m glad you spent time in your garden – it truly is magical – the first few times in the garden in Spring. Spring happened fast here – 0 to 60 once again. Today it is raining and it looks like cooler temps this week. I realize I do not have any hyacinth and they smell so good. I’ll have to enjoy yours from afar. I’ll have to closely monitor the greenhouse with less sun and cooler temps. I thought my seeds would germinate a little quicker but maybe the nights are too cool – maybe the days are too warm. Cardinal Climber and Zinnias have germinated and look fabulous! Which is why I really want the greenhouse to work – hardy seedlings. Yay Spring!

  7. OH kathy, I missed this post midweek:-) I have been in my garden all week for it has been so warm out there-almost TOO WARM! Really started worrying me since things were greening up right when it hit 80 in the sun several days last week. Not something, I want to see this time of year. I had to water some of my tender plants out there:-) We finally got some rain last night. What happened to April showers??? Your garden is so exciting and filled with beauty:-) I am trying to savor the moments for they just pass too quickly!
    I am still cleaning mine out-LOL….it looks so bare but the spring blooms help against all my brown! I plant tulips for me when I work in the spring. I can’t put them in the front yard the squirrels/ chipmunks eat them…..but Chance, my dog keeps them away in the back!

    • Robbie in the garden is where you SHOULD BE! It warmed up here quite a bit but I am hooked on warmer weather lately. I managed to clean out the Bird & Butterfly garden yesterday so I could enjoy all the daffodils just beginning to bloom. I am on a mission – I don’t want to see dead things at ALL! My seeds in the greenhouse are germinating slower than expected – actually I think I am just impatient. Cardinal Climber and Zinnia have germinated and look strong, healthy. I am waiting – tap, tap, tap – for more! I’m sure I will be overwhelmed shortly ha ha. I think I’ll try more species tulips in back – Big Fat Rabbit seems to leave those alone. Maybe I’ll try some orange tulips in a busy spot – just love that orange! Big Fat Rabbit and squirrel seem to have Mojo (my dog) all figured out ha ha.

  8. Hi Kathy! Beautiful blooms and much promise of great things to come. Happy Spring!

    • Thank you Dee. It was a happy spring last week but this week – snow – boo hiss! My happiness is wearing out but I love trekking out to my little greenhouse and checking the progress of all those promises!

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