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Project: Copper Tri-pod aka Fancy Bird Perch


You may remember last year I hauled my dog-pee-spot-of-a-whiskey barrel up from the curb to break up the large expanse of my oversized driveway (it detracted from the newly planted crabapples out front). I added a bamboo tripod wrapped with grapevines for a Cardinal Climber vine hoping to attract hummingbirds for a close view from the porch. Well, it worked!


In fact many birds perched on the tripod and made it a stop on their way to the other side of our driveway. Then, that bitch, Wicked Wind of the West blew in and snapped off the bamboo right at the base! Unbelievable.

Well, I didn’t want to give up my new found, bird-attracting perch, so I thought I would make a Bionic Tripod – we can rebuild! I opted for something with more strength that would not snap in two and still have garden appeal – copper pipes.

The pipes came in 10′ lengths and the height worries me a bit with the wind, but I’m lazy and would have had to ask my “contractor” for help cutting the pipes – ah, no – we’ll use as is, he’s expensive (ha ha).

My favorite contractor

My favorite contractor “Big Bern.” He’s pretty sexy.

I like height (being short). Not the cheapest project I have tackled but I realize I have a lot of copper accents going on around the porch area so I am pleased with it. I had some copper wire lying around (from another project) that I used to “tie” the pipes together. I got a little fancy with it. Then I ran out …

But I still had the grapevines from the old tripod! So I attached them with “copper colored?” twine. (I received a whole box of different colored twines for Christmas – thanks Dad!)


Well, the wind – she has huffed and puffed and tried her best to blow down my fancy bird perch, but so far I have won!


I can’t wait to plant Corkscrew Vine in here and have it wind up the grapevines and into the copper pipes. Kathy at Easy to Grow Bulbs (where I purchased the vine from – very pleased!) was kind enough to provide me with photos of Corkscrew Vine that she grew in her own garden.

Corkscrew vine and blooms closeup Corkscrew vine and blooms Corkscrew vine and blooms4

I know, gorgeous! These vines can grow up to 15′! They are also supposed to be very fragrant. I wonder what the hummingbirds will think of THIS!


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

14 thoughts on “Project: Copper Tri-pod aka Fancy Bird Perch

  1. That’s a beautiful vine. It ought to do great on your beautiful new tripod!

    • I cannot wait to grow this vine Eliza – so excited. It arrived well established and it is growing already on my back porch renovation – looking for something to climb on! I am also trying to germinate seeds – a second attempt. It is not easy so the meager price of this vine was so well worth it!

  2. Great tripod, beautiful vine! I liked the cardinal climber as well. Have a great spring! Welcome to the hummingbirds (none here yet but the nectar is out!)

    • I’m starting some Cardinal Climber from seed Beth. I will plant it in the garden. My hummingbird feeders are ready but no sign yet. It’s so hard to wait!

  3. Oh I love what you built…I especially love copper, but do worry someone will take my accents someday…copper thieves are still the rage….I have a copper rain chain and sundial and suet feeder….glad you thwarted the bitchy wind…

    • Donna, it did cross my mind that someone might look up the drive and see “copper” but this is a really small community – our crime rate is rather low – although one year two of my plants were stolen! I think it would be difficult to run away with 10′ copper pipes all tangled up. I love my rain chain, too – it is so soothing – and well, we get enough crappy weather here to justify it ha ha. It’s in a less “windy” spot.

  4. Looks great! I have a friend who takes PVC piping and spray paints it with a copper color when she’s looking for the copper look without the cost and worry of theft. Going to give it a try in my garden this year.

  5. See? Now that is genius! I wish I had more patience. I would love to see your “try” when you are finished. It is STILL NOT warm enough here to put plants out – oh, that’s that impatience showing through.

  6. now that is inspiring! I did not even post last week, been busy around here and did not get a chance to stop by and see “hmm what is Kathy up to”…looks like a lot! I love copper anything in the garden and love when it gets that lovely patina.
    I love he humming birds when they zip around the garden. This gives me some great ideas as to
    how I could incorporate some copper into the garden:-)
    That vine is really pretty!

    • A friend of mine just said the hummingbirds are back (she is in the country) – so far I haven’ t seen one in my garden. I have a fresh brewed pot of nectar on the stove. I am so ready! The corkscrew vine is really growing! I had to put up a piece of large bamboo so it could twine around. I put it out days but afraid to put it out just yet – the nights are still a bit chilly. And the passion vine bloomed! It is the most beautiful bloom I have ever seen!

  7. I love the scent of corkscrew vine. It’s luscious. Simply luscious. You will love it. I cracked up at what you called the West Wind. She is bad. So is her sister, the North Wind. Haha. Have a great week Kathy!

    • Oh thank you Dee now I am even more excited! It’s growing really well and I think it’s time to plant it outdoors. The forecast looks good. We could get one more frost but I don’t think so – I can always wrap a blanket around it. It spent last night on the porch steps and looks all the better for it! Oooh Nasty Wind of the North – I think we get both. We get all kinds of wind. Wind and water seem to go together.

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