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What’s Blooming: Forget Me Not!


I’m a little late for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens the 15th of each month, but it doesn’t mean I forgot! I decided to spend what time I could IN the garden and not at my “desk” which translates to a table on the back porch where I live 99% of the time. I cannot not post what’s blooming in May! – glorious May before the jungle reigns.

Drifts of Forget-Me-Nots are blooming in the Woodland Edge and Dogwoods are just bursting into bloom.


Along with Snowflake Flower (Gravetye Giant) and a few later blooming Daffodils that missed our heat wave.


Amsonia Blue Star, one of my favorites, is just beginning to put on a show in the Woodland Edge.


It is dry here, amazingly, after all that snow melt. Barely any rain and I’m not one to water. In the Bird & Butterfly Garden the Baptisia is at least a foot shorter than usual. My Forsythia is still gallantly trying to leaf out. Geraniums are loaded with buds but not quite open yet.

And one of my May Flowers has a bloom this year! (Sorry it’s out of focus.)


The crabapples are blooming out front – oh so heavenly. And spice currant is blooming on the side where I don’t garden, but its wonderful fragrance drifts in through the front porch and windows.



Creeping phlox and tulips that have not been overtaken by grass that seems to be invading my front gardens. I feel the need to weed!


And these beautiful early blooming short Iris. I should move some of these to the back where I would enjoy them more. I don’t typically hang out front “in public.”


I am in love with Cornus Alternifolia (Pagoda Dogwood) ‘Golden Shadows.’ It should flower eventually like my traditional Pagoda Dogwood as it matures. It just glows among my “shrubs” of Bleeding Heart in Hosta Row.


Solomon’s Seal is blooming in Hosta Row right now, too. I hope it spreads like the Bleeding Heart.


Brunnera has a beautiful dainty flower similar to Forget-Me-Not planted up against the North side of the house along the Nice Driveway where poppies are beginning to plump out.


I’ve saved the best for last. What really has my eye, is Betty Myles Davis Passion Flower who I’ve potted up in a large pot (vacated by a recently deceased houseplant – mean bad gardener!). This is her third bloom already! I am going to enjoy seeing her bloom all summer I hope on the steps of our back porch leading into the garden. I just love her flowers.


So much happens in May it’s difficult to slow down and enjoy but, thanks to Carol and Gardener’s Bloom Day, I have found a little time.


Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

20 thoughts on “What’s Blooming: Forget Me Not!

  1. Passion flower already? Wow…My blooms are delayed…many are still in bud and more cold weather on the way mid-week and for at least a week I fear…I adore your blooms Kathy. That tulip is especially beautiful.

    • Donna, I ordered the Passion Flower from Easy To Grow Bulbs so it was already started but I am so pleased with it! I think I’ll be ordering more from them. The question is how to overwinter it or do I bring it with me to Florida? Hmmm. Love her.

  2. My favorite time of year watching all this beauty come to life.

  3. All these pics are amazing! I wish I could have these flowers too at my home 🙂

    • Lily Lau, I’m not sure where “home” is for you – some place nice and warm and what I have been wishing for lately? But I have to admit, there are so many beautiful flowers that only grow best in colder climates. Maybe we could trade for awhile?

  4. Brunnera, turquoise blue and purple – what a lovely combination!

  5. They were doing a report on the weather tonight about how surprising it is that we are in near-drought conditions after all that snow. But it’s true; we really need a couple of days (preferably not two in a row) of good, soaking rain. Your garden is quite a bit further along than mine. My Amsonia are just unfurling their leaves, with no sign of flower buds yet.

    • Jean, it rained last night but we still need a “soaker.” Some of the ground in my beds is already “cracking.” I worry for my poor little veggies I started. I sprinkle them but I need to get out the hoses and give them a proper watering or they’re all going to bolt! That Amsonia grew overnight Jean! I wouldn’t be surprised if yours is beginning to flower since you commented. Don’t you just love them? I have several kinds. The hubrichtii is just beginning to show itself.

      • Kathy, You’re right! We got a little under an inch of rain this morning. When the rain stopped and the sun came out, I went out to stroll around the garden and see what was happening, and I found flower buds on the amsonia. 🙂

  6. So many beautiful things in your garden – I would just go round and round looking at everything and not get anything done! 😉 I love the Golden Shadows dogwood – stunning!

  7. Loved the snapshots of your garden. I am also giddy in the month of May, circling my garden beds each morning to see what has changed! I had a Passion flower years ago in a pot and I loved it! I’d like to plant another one, but not sure if I should put it in the ground or in a pot, but seeing yours inspires me to read up, figure it out and get do it. It’s a striking flower

    • ShellE – some Passion Flowers are hardy to zone 5! If you live in zone 5 I would definitely try one in the ground. I may let mine go dormant and see if I can revive it in the Spring – or I might take her with me to FLA this winter. If you are home in a colder zone, I would try growing it indoors in a sunny spot over the winter.

  8. talk about weedking!!! I have not even posted in weeks, I am so weeded out-LOL…I will surface this next week again! Your garden is such a great example of how one can blend it all and make it work together for oneself + nature. You are right, bring on the jungle!!! I just love being out there and sitting at my computer is the last thing, I want to do these days. It truly is beautiful!
    Your garden is stunning:-) Playing catch-up this week, but the weeds were easy this year with all this rain:-) A gentle tug and a deep rooted “Ugly” weed just slides out!!!!

    • Robbie, I will be weeding today – we finally had some rain. I must weed among my seedlings in the Potager – basil, chard, lettuces, oh yum! The Dogwoods are flowering now – little white clouds everywhere.

      • The weeding is not too bad when the weeds are so easily pulled, the problem is they just grow too quickly! LOL, I wait for the flowers/vegetables to get taller so I don’t pull my babies! I am enjoying the gentle rains every morning, but those poor people in Texas! That is scary;-(
        Little clouds of white-love it!

      • I managed to weed three beds yesterday … in the Potager. I still have so much to do but it has to wait until this weekend. Not nearly enough rain (sigh).

      • More coming your way:-) There are always weeds…my never-ending story:-)

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