The Violet Fern

A Colorful Tale of a Garden in the Making

I’m in Love


I’m in love with sunshine, bird song, Spring, my husband, my little cabana (Cedar Kottage), paints, shells, sand, soil, plants, flowers, the air, Cedar Key and more … so much more!

I can’t believe it is mid-February already, and remember not so long ago when I felt encapsulated in time in a dark, dusty house (that seems so expansively large to me now), pinging from window to window like some lost particle in space pondering how anything could endure such a dreadful, void season. I never dreamed (or even wanted just a little bit) of a Florida migration. I never dreamed I would love Florida. But who wouldn’t love the meaning of the word, “flowery Easter?” Things change.


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Author: Kathy Sturr

Cultivating art, growing soul, and creating plant-based food in the beautiful 1000 Islands, New York and Cedar Key, Old Florida.

2 thoughts on “I’m in Love

  1. I know what you mean for we are having such an early spring! I was out biking the river with a friend when it was 70 degrees last week-go figure!!! I know it is not a good sign when we skip a season, but I also realize it was short lived. We dipped down in the teens after that stretch of warm weather. BUT…the weather is not as cold as it once was or I am just getting use to 40 degree weather feeling warm-LOL.
    I do envy the beautiful place you escape to…..just lovely photos and what a great little house:-) dashing from window to window, I do know what you mean!

    • Yes, Robbie, I fear for my garden at home where it’s 20° one day and 50° the next! Those temperature swings are really hard on plants. But that erratic and terrifying weather is why I am here! So I can concentrate on life and not death. It makes me a much happier and healthier person. If I had to choose I would live here and learn to deal with the heat/bugs rather than ever face winter again. I love the birds here now — huge flocks of Robins, Grackles, Starlings; Yellow-rumped Warblers everywhere, so many Cardinals and such rock stars they are — their calls incredible! (Or maybe it’s the quiet calm of this place that allows me to hear better.) I know I am very blessed to be able to migrate back and forth and don’t think I ever forget it — eternally grateful!

Thank you for joining me in the making of my garden!

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