The Violet Fern

A Colorful Tale of a Garden in the Making

Settling In …


So, it’s here, finally. That elusive balance I’ve struggled to achieve for the past few years. I feel I have arrived. I’m there!


I find myself singing The Who …
don don don don don don …
I’m free
I’m freeeee
And freedom tastes of reality

​I had the guts to leave the temple! I cannot explain the sense of release in letting the big house and garden go. Something I felt so entwined and entangled in, and have untangled, dropped, and walked away from. The first weeks full time at the cabin in the woods were bliss! A simple 12×12 foot space without electric power, septic, tv/internet … and it was bliss! It was also a test run to see if my husband and I could spend at least four months living there next summer. We have come to the conclusion we CAN, and not only that, but look forward to it!

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Author: Kathy Sturr

Artist, master gardener, plant-based chef. Florida's Nature Coast / Indian River Lakes, NY

2 thoughts on “Settling In …

  1. I love this – I can’t wait to see pics from your lovely new garden! I am trying as well to downsize – what do we need all the clutter for? 🙂

    • Thanks Danaelizabeth!!! It is quite hot down here, which I’m told is unusual for this time of year, so haven’t ventured too far into the garden for some much needed clean up but can say so far, everything native I’ve planted is doing well vs. impulse buys which sadly, have demised. If it doesn’t make it, it doesn’t go back in.

      I love my two small places!!! It frees up time (if not space), to do what really matters!!! Do it!!!

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