The Violet Fern

A Colorful Tale of a Garden in the Making


Paint, Plant, Cook

It’s been some time since I’ve written and here we are in a brand new year. Welcome to 2018 in which my mantra is “PAINT, PLANT, COOK.” My real goal is to make some kind of personal income but in order to achieve that goal I must paint, plant cook, repeat. This is what I know. This is how. It’s the how I am wrestling with.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 12.12.55 PM

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The Lake

Finally I reveal the lake! I’ve been taunting and teasing you for months, I know. I feel like my last few posts have been nothing but complaints, and I absolutely have nothing to complain about! Hello, struggling human here trying to be better, bigger (but not in a physical way, please), complete-er, grateful, accomplished, healthy, wellthy … it IS a struggle, for me, anyway. However, this summer I’ve come to realize a few things.


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The Nature of the Beast

People make progress but do not reach perfection because imperfection is the nature of the beast. — Idiom

This morning it is straight to coffee, not my usual glass of lemon water, as I eye a tentacle of bindweed growing inside?! … yes that beast is inside! … our “Board Room” the name we have given our five-six-seven?-year-and-counting back porch renovation project. The coffee because I didn’t sleep very well wondering just what it was, or is, scratching in the bedroom wall because it sounds much larger than a mouse. It is a dark and stormy morning and there are new leaks in the yet to be renovated roof. All the gutters are clogged and water is falling like Niagra from their rims. There is a tiny trickle running down the rain chain that is, when the gutter is not clogged which is perhaps 1% of the time, a wonderful sight to behold when it rains. And so it goes.

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