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Garden Coaching

Garden Coaching & Consultation

You, too, can grow from this to this:

before and after gc

I will help you. I am a certified Master Gardener with a unique focus on wildlife-friendly and native plants who gardens by organic practices. I can help you create a plan for the beautiful garden you wish for, suggest ways to eliminate more of your lawn, analyze your existing garden, or simply offer you advice on what to plant.

Garden Tending

Maybe you just need a little extra help weeding and tending to your garden. Someone who knows a flower from a vegetable from a weed, and how to deadhead. Someone who is not into lawn maintenance but can shape up a flower bed.

Pricing information:

I am not available for any new clients at this time but appreciate your consideration. Thank you!

Talking Through the Making of a Garden – a 7 Week Series

Overview: Talk Through Garden

If you missed this presentation, you may view the presentation below (the presentations are the property of Kathy Sturr and may not be used without permission):

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Week Six

Week Seven


3 thoughts on “Garden Coaching

  1. How many years between the first and second photos of your garden?

    What zone is your garden?

    I am in the PNW, found you through May Dreams bloom day.

  2. Hi Sharon, the difference between the photos is two years. My garden is in zone 4 along the St. Lawrence River. Thank you for visiting!

    • Sharon, an after thought, you may see a timeline of the making of this section of the garden under the VIOLET FERN GARDEN tab under Bird & Butterfly Garden …

Thank you for joining me in the making of my garden!

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