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Spiced Up Sidewalk

This tiny patch of lawn in front was just begging to be dug up! And so it was.

I planted creeping phlox (brought with me from ME), dianthus, hens and chicks (plucked from a nearby apartment), a mungo pine, thymes and even some chives (also from ME) as this area gets FULL sun. A lamb’s ear sprouted up (maybe from ME) and I encouraged it. (Some bulbs were thrown in there, too, for the next spring.) I got a little carried away and dug up some more lawn on the other side and started reshaping the front bed … anyway, these plants should do well with minimal watering.

It filled in nicely right away.
I was surprised to find some petunias (red) and snap dragons from the nearby baskets – fun! And I sprinkled some alyssum seeds in there to see if they would like it – they did.
I had a little trouble at first with the neighborhood dogs – we have a number that “walk themselves.” But a little cayenne or chile pepper sprinkled around this tiny patch does the trick! Too much for those sensitive noses. So, I encourage you to “spice up” your sidewalk.