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This cute little mobile belonged to my late Mother. It was originally strung with black thread which promptly broke apart once I hung it up because of age. (I don’t think she hung this mobile up in quite some time.) It made it into my hands and I enjoy it immensely as something to treasure from my childhood. I restrung it with fishing line. It is hanging on my enclosed screen porch. The little letters clink in the Gulf breeze as if to really say “Boo!”.




Project: Pumpkin Head

Pumpkins aren’t just for carving, although I do love roasted pumpkin seeds and carving does require that you dig them out. But instead of carving, I like to create pumpkin heads, some what reminiscent of Mr. Potato Head.

First I gather my “surgical instruments.”

Surgical Instruments

 Then I collect my body parts. I dug them up from the garden, of course.

Body Parts

Now I just need my subjects.

S-s-su-sub-jects (gulp).

After a bit of experimentation, my pumpkin heads come to life.

Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin Head

 Jeepers creepers where’d ya get those peepers?

All ready to greet our trick and treaters. I think Mr. Pumpkin Head has his eye on Mrs. Pumpkin Head (wink, wink).

Happy Halloween!