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Tip Toe Round the Tulip Tree

Once again I am joining Loose and Leafy for Follow A Tree. Not much has changed with my Tulip Tree over this past month – the buds are not unfurling into the beautiful leaves I imagined opening already. The warm sunshine I imagined didn’t happen either, but the snow has finally melted all around it! You may see a few patches in the background but last month this was all snow.


Finally. It was 50 degrees today! And now my dog’s toilet garden is a soggy mess. I spent the day outside tip toeing around my little Tulip Tree, admiring the bird song and picking up pounds of dog poop branches. I was finally able to move the large branch that fell from my neighbor’s Silver Maple during the ice storm in December 2013 –  that thankfully missed falling on the Tulip Tree. I contemplate that one day I will be picking up branches from the Tulip Tree come Spring as they are known to drop a few during winds and storms.


The leader is proud and nearly as tall as our 6′ fence. I should measure its height as I think this is the year it will leap! It is currently 57 inches tall.

tulip tree buds

I still cannot seem to get a good capture of the buds – too much movement and background. I tried to hold a branch in my hand and still work the camera with the other – I am not that coordinated.


Things will begin happening fast now that we have warmer weather. It was nice this morning but is raining now – good for the Tulip Tree. I will hold on to the image of what I am calling a sunshine Crocus I spotted out front. I noticed a few more around the Pin Oak. Blooms! Buds have to follow suit.