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Thank you for joining me in the making of my garden. This is the second section of my garden I began working in the Spring of 2009. I call it the Potager, or kitchen garden. It is where I grow a number of vegetables and fruits to bring to the table. To view a sequential slide show of the making of the Potager, simply click on the first image below. You will be taken to an enlarged viewing screen. Click the arrows on either side of each image to navigate, or use the arrows on your keyboard. (Please note the slideshow may not work properly on your mobile phone.)

Below are links to previous posts detailing the making of the paths and the making of the rustic structures including the arbor if you wish to dig deeper.

Potager Pathways

Project: Rustic Arbor

Project: Rustic Obelisk


2 thoughts on “Potager

  1. I really enjoyed seeing your pictures showing the progression of your garden. It’s lovely. My garden is in it’s second year and slowly evolving. Your rustic structures are wonderful. I am inspired by you to make my garden look more rustic.

    • Oh Andrea, if you could only see the Potager now in its weedy state (with a garden and studio tour in just three days and only one day to spend in my garden – eeek!) … I love making rustic structures! It is so enveloping and fun – I get lost. I am so glad you are inspired – there are many great creations out there. I have to repair one of the roof branches on the arbor this year but it’s held up really well. A fence with a gate may be my next project if the rabbit deterrent spray doesn’t work.

Thank you for joining me in the making of my garden!

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