The Violet Fern

Creating Art & Gardens

Woodland Edge

Thank you for joining me in the making of my garden. The Woodland Edge is the fourth section of my garden I focused on creating in the Spring of 2010, though there was a little bit of groundwork before that. I inherited a not-so-lovely chain link fence along our property line when we moved into our home in Fall of 2007. I wanted to blur the [property] lines. Create a garden, even in our small space, that would buffer us from, and fade seamlessly to the “distance” – our neighbor’s property. To create this retreat and illusion, I conceptualized the “Woodland Edge.” To view a sequential slide show of the making of the Woodland Edge, simply click on the first image below. You will be taken to an enlarged viewing screen. Click the arrows on either side of each image to navigate, or use the arrows on your keyboard. (Please note the slideshow may not work properly on your mobile phone.)


Thank you for joining me in the making of my garden!

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